A-Z Challenge – Reflections


It’s hardly surprising that by the end of April the only reflection I saw in the mirror was not of me but my friend Rosey! Writing 26 stories about her was not the easiest of challenges but fun just the same.

asfghOne thing I had to bear in mind was that whilst Rosey is very English, the majority of readers were not. In fact, a massive 72% were from India, followed way behind in second place by my American friends. The UK lot trailed at a lowly 7%! There are certain words and phrases she regularly uses which wouldn’t make sense to those of other nationalities  (they don’t always make sense to me!) and many activities she engages in are terribly British! This restricted me somewhat.

This year my hit rate was drastically down on 2017. I received a total of 3.8K visits compared with 5.9K.  As previously, one in six readers left a comment. When I went back to check on last years regular commentees (is that a word?) I found almost half of them didn’t take part this time around which goes some way to explaining it I guess.

As usual, I mainly stalked fellow flash fictioneers. As a rule and because of time restraints, I stuck to reading short pieces, preferably ones of 250 words or less. There were, however, a few exceptions, notably Iain and Varad whose writings verged on addictive! I must also give a shout out to Hilary who’s daily pieces about Canada were both interesting and informative, 

Will I take part next year? The jury’s out on that one!

Thank you so much to everyone who followed me during the challenge. Your comments, critiques and suggestions were very much appreciated.


Tap tap tap!zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.jpgz (125x125)[181]

It’s only me, Rosey Pee! 

Thanks for reading about me, but please don’t believe everything Keefie said. A lot of it, well, some of it was exaggerated…..a bit! We had fun though, didn’t we?

Anyway, I’ve got a joke for you. I need to concentrate to get it right. Ready?

A chicken saw a duck about to cross a road. ‘Don’t do it’ the chicken said, ‘You’ll never hear the last of it!’

Bye x

PS. I’m still with Gareth! 


Twenty-six slices of Rosey’s life! 

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30 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge – Reflections”

  1. Well, I enjoyed your posts. I am glad I did not do the challenge this year and I’ve noticed that several of the bloggers I follow also bowed out this year. I always said I didn’t want my blog to feel like a job.

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    1. Kristin, 686 of us signed up this time. I just looked back to 2016 and there were over 1900 of us!
      There was no list in 2017 but I’m sure we numbered four figures. I’m sure that affected our visitor numbers. See you later for your reflections!


  2. I didn’t get here as much as I’d have liked to during April, but I enjoyed each of the stories that I did read… Congratulations on finishing with such style!

    This was a very quiet A-Z and April.

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  3. Though I didn’t drop by as much as I would’ve liked, I did enjoy Rosey’s stories. I’ll catch up soon 🙂

    As the month moved on, it got very quiet on my blog and some of the bloggers whose A-Z I enjoyed, just stopped blogging. I think there might be a bit of a social media burnout going around.

    Ronel from Ronel the Mythmaker checking out A-Z Reflections: Expectations and Realisations

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  4. Hi Keith – yes the limitations of language – c’est la vie!! Mind you Rosey could learn French … or one of the Asian languages … perhaps that’s stretching it too far!! Loved her stories though … take care and enjoy some sunshine – congratulations on finishing and cheers Hilary


  5. I suspect Rosey helped keep a smile on a lot of faces during April’s hectic pace. The challenge is always great fun, but I’m always glad when May arrives and offers a lot more breathing space.


  6. Interesting about your stats as compared to last year. I enjoyed your posts and wish I would have had time to visit more frequently! You had a great theme. Cheers!

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  7. Thank you Keith and Rosey for hilarity in April.
    Considering your Indian following, perhaps a Bollywood adaptation of Rosey’s Ramblings may be the next (logical) step. What say? Do remember this Doha-ite when the money starts rolling in;)

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  8. My views were way down on previous years too. I thought it was just me but the more of the reflections posts I read, the more I’m seeing others saying the same.


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