A-Z Challenge Day 3

Post 1642. Tuesday April 3

My Friend Rosey has been a feature of my blog since I set it up twelve years ago. To read all about her in 200 or so words, click HERE



Rosey was peddling along minding her own business when she swerved to avoid a low flying pigeon. Her prompt action resulted in an uncontrollable wobble just as she started to descend a steep hill.

An approaching motorist took avoiding action, startling a passing pedestrian whose terrified dog dragged him into the bushes. Unable to stop, she tried using her feet to assist her brakes, the metal studs on her boots producing a shower of sparks in her wake.

Suddenly, Rosey hit the curb, somersaulted over the handlebars and landed in a bed of prickly roses. A gardener who was watering them quickly turned the hose away, inadvertently showering a young family which was, until then enjoying a peaceful picnic on the grass.

Rosey staggered to her feet, grabbed her hat, adjusted her muddy jeans and retrieved her bicycle. Ignoring the open-mouthed onlookers, some dripping wet, she mounted her cycle and attempted a dignified exit. Unfortunately, the front wheel, once round, had become egg shaped and although it still went round, it caused Rosey to bob up and down like a jack-in-a-box as she set off. Up down, up down, up down!

She’s threatening to take part in this years London to Brighton Bike Ride. If you live along the route you’d be well advised to stay indoors!


Tomorrow D is for Dining Out

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A1On this day last year, I took you to Amble Bay Church, St Peter’s, known to locals as Pete’s Place.  To revisit click HERE



59 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge Day 3”

    1. Hate to tell you, but she drives a Smart car And just because you live 500 miles away doesn’t guarantee your safety – she has been known to get lost, very lost. She took a wrong turn once and ended up on a cross-Channel ferry!

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  1. Rosey is quite a unique character isn’t she, Keith? She has been eliciting so much laughter. Love her grit and determination to keep at it, despite all the odds being stacked against her.
    Loving Rosey’s tales. She’s my kind of girl ;-))


    April Anecdotes

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