A-Z Challenge Day 25


Children often have imaginary friends and the young Rosey was no exception. Her pretend friend was Petal. She gave Petal the same birthday as her own so she wouldn’t miss it, and each year they made each other birthday cards! Petal was left-handed so when she wrote, her handwriting looked different from Rosey’s.

Usually, imaginary mates fade away as real friendships develop and young people leave childish ways behind. Rosey, however, decided it would be fun to remain friends and grow up together.

Still today, Petal comes up in conversation at regular intervals and the things Rosey claims she does are often outrageous and always hilarious! She likes mentioning her in front of people who aren’t in on the joke; it’s so funny to watch their faces as they hear about Petal’s latest escapade! We, as her close friends, have sworn a vow of secrecy to enable Rosey to have a little fun at every opportunity.

As you may know, Rosey’s quite keen on holding dinner parties and believe it or not, she always lays a place for Petal! She doesn’t actually plate up an extra meal, but Petal always gets a glass or two of wine which, needless to say, Rosey helps her drink!

And whenever we have a get together no matter where we are, we always raise our glasses to Rosey’s imaginary friend Petal! So it’s cheers to Petal, and bottoms up to my friend Rosey!

It must be fun having a pretend friend….. not that I would know anything about that of course!


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A1On this day last year, we all got together for a picnic in my garden. To revisit click HERE


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34 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge Day 25”

  1. Cheers to Petal and Rosie! I will raise a glass to both. And now you’ve given me an idea of creating my own imaginary friend! It’s something to ponder isn’t it? Just what kind of character would he or she be? I think I’ll have to drink on it LOL♥

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  2. The child in Rosey is still very much kicking and alive. She’s hilarious – keeping a place in parties for her imaginary friend. What a conversation started 🙂

    Seema, participant in #AtoZchallenge, Artist, Writer, Wanderer, and Dreamer.
    A Memory Entwined Within A House


  3. Hi Keith – I shall always think of you with Rosey and Petal … never apart … those extra glasses of vino sound good, but dangerous too … fun – cheers Hilary

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