A-Z Challenge Day 20


It’s sometimes difficult to know if Rosey is joking, or actually believes something which to us seems unlikely. To laugh or not to laugh, that is the dilemma!

I’m sure she believed in the tooth fairy when she was little, why not, most children do – I did quite well getting six pence every time a tooth dropped out! But eventually, we have a Father Christmas moment and accept that it was all just pretend.

I mention this because she told us her father is getting rid of his ill-fitting false teeth and splashing out on expensive dental implants. She suggested that instead of throwing the falsies away, he should leave them on his bedside table because they could be worth quite a bit in fairyland, especially if the Fairy Grandmother was in need of dentures.

The thing is, she said it with a really serious look on her face. Nobody said anything for a moment, no-one wanted to be the first to speak for fear of saying the wrong thing! Instead, I tried quickly changing the subject and jokingly asked if they had heard about Giovanni from the Italian restaurant.

“No, what?“ asked Nicki

“He pasta way!” I said

“No he didn’t’” Rosey called out over the laughter, “I  saw him this morning”

Nobody said anything for a moment….!


Tomorrow, U is for U-turn

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A1This time last year we went to Amble Bay’s Tuesday Club. To revisit click HERE


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30 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge Day 20”

  1. ‘He pasta way!’ 😀 Also, I don’t mind leaving few teeth near my bedside table. I could use the money. (Now, where do I get those teeth from?) Good fun, Keith


  2. Hi Keith – Rosey is certainly a treasure of a friend … and oh yes – twisted teeth tales … good if you turn Rosey into a book!! Cheers Hilary


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