Tick tock, here he comes, tick tock, right on time, tick tock, twelve o’clock, tick tock…..

Ten he said, three four, right-hand side, five six, over there, seven eight… nine….ten….

In he comes, through the door, I hear his steps, first floor, nearly here, second floor, knock knock, knock the door.

Here’s the money, where’s the girl, you said she’d be here… what the hell……!

Time to go, need to run, leave him here, ditch the gun.

Tick tock, I should have guessed, tick tock, blood, my chest, tick tock tick tock.. tick…tock….ti


Word count 96

Post 1671


photo-20180507154610124 (1)For Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers where the photo is provided by Enisa



23 thoughts on “FFfAW”

  1. Hi Keith – brilliant and I thought you were going to be doing a shout out for the Tick Tock anthology … but I’ll be thinking of other things today – clever – cheers Hilary


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