A few fotos!

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These are just a few of the sunsets I’ve witnessed on my travels.


The River Nile, Egypt.



Lima, Peru.

peru old 031 (1200x566) (900x425)


The Zambezi River, South Africa.



Lake Fewa, Pokhara, Nepal.


Kerala, India.



Fort Kochi, India.


Loch Lomond, Scotland


Closer to home now, Eastbourne pier before the devastating fire.



Five miles from me at Pevensey Castle!



…and finally one I took from my window!



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A short story

for The Sunday Muse


brotherhood-script.regular (1)

brotherhood-script.regular (2)ou’ve got no friends’ my father said. ‘You need a proper job’. There was no point in arguing. But my fingers were my tools, ivory keys my colleagues and composers my friends. As a pianist I earned little, but it paid the bills.

I cannot describe the feeling I had whilst sitting at my piano upon a stage, notes flying, gliding, hovering, diving. My audience flew with me. They smiled; sometimes they wept. I wept. Such is the power of music.

I played in smoky jazz bars too, a tot of whisky and a cigarette to hand. It was so different. There, my music competed with chattering crowds. I played loudly they spoke loudly; in quiet pieces, they murmured. I stopped and they stopped! But I loved it.

Time took its toll on my overworked hands. I play little now. My piano sits ‘neath a dusty cover in the corner of my room. I occasionally play for old folk and sometimes stand in for the organist at my church. But music remains my constant companion, though now I consume rather than create. It will never desert me, never.


playing piano


 Khatia Buniatishvili at the piano.

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For Six Sentence Stories where the given word is Path



Crouching in a deep hollow with a perfect view of the path, the atmosphere was tense and their nerves were on edge for soon their foe would be approaching.

Their arsenal of carefully picked weapons was close to hand and after days of practice and preparation, they were ready for anything, breathe deeply lads, breathe deeply.

The attack came suddenly, the enemy charging towards them, bombarding them with missiles. 

A shower of soggy sprouts and squidgy squash was followed by a riot of rotten cabbage cannonballs.

They retaliated with a cascade of stale cupcakes and a barrage of mouldy bread rolls, but things did not go their way and twenty minutes later they emerged from the ditch defeated, hands held high.

Their punishment was to clean up the battlefield and return the spent weapons to the garbage bins behind the supermarket from whence they came.



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A tiny tale for Sadje’s What Do You See? photo prompt.





I don’t know about you, but sometimes a picture reaches out and grabs my attention. It happened this morning. 

It was a portrait and something about it seemed vaguely familiar. Was it the eyes? Possibly. The nose, the chin?

He looked unkempt and bore a bemused expression as if deep in thought. I was intrigued, I couldn’t seem to drag myself away.

Then I realised, it wasn’t a picture at all, it was a mirror!

I really must get a shave and a haircut.



Image credit; Marti Alonso @ Unsplash

A tail!

For The Sunday Muse




Katte’s quite the mistress. Get this, come here, find that, go there! She doesn’t need to say anything, her eyes and the tilt of her head say it for her!

She lost something the other day. I looked everywhere without success. Fortunately Dawg, my dog came to the rescue having located it and placed it at her feet. 

As they say, cats have servants and dogs have masteresses (not sure that’s a word but I’m trying not to be gender specific!)

I inadvertently trod on Katte’s tail the other day. ‘MeOWWW!’ she screeched. A tiger would have envied the menacing state she gave me! Dawg just dawdled off to his safe place behind the sofa! 

I once found her sitting here on my keyboard. She was keeping an eye on the mouse! Guess what her favourite song is. Three blind mice! Her fave movie? The Sound of Mew-sic! I’ve got loads more cat jokes for you … only kitten! Where was I? Oh yes.

Someone once said for a person to truly understand rejection they must first be ignored by a cat. No danger of that here, eh Dawg?.




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fun fun fun!

For Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt where the given word is Jamboree.

Last night I went to the Party in the Park, part of my town’s annual carnival week. Today will see the procession wind its way through the streets. On Tuesday I’ll be posting pictures of the entire event!




Closer, louder, closer, louder, and here I am! 

People here, there, everywhere. A thumping beat draws my gaze. A band leaps, yells, carries along a waving crowd.

A smell temps my tastebuds. Sizzling burgers, sugary doughnuts. I grab a beer then mingle.

In the funfair, gaudy machines spin, climb, swoop, soar. Kids laugh, scream. Here ghost train there, there a slide.

The hiss, bang, dazzle, and crackle of fireworks bring the evening to a close. Home beckons. 

Closer, quieter, closer, quieter, and here I am.



A sixer …

…for Six Sentence Stories where the given word is Bookmark.




”Thank you for submitting your entry in this year’s Spot the Grammatical Error Competition, Philip, your participation are much appreciated”

“I think you mean is appreciated sir, not are”.

“Just testing you”, bluffed the red-faced professor, “now if you was to succeed, what prize would you like to win?”

“I think you mean if I were to succeed, not was, but to answer your question I’d like a bookmark,” said Philip.

“As you should know by now young man”, huffed the professor, “my name is Archibald not Mark, now what book would you like?” 

“No, not a book, a bookmark, one of those things you put between pages … oh, I give up!”



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