A-Z Challenge Day 15

Post 1655. Tuesday April 17

My Friend Rosey has regularly featured on my blog since I set it up twelve years ago. To read all about her in 200 or so words, click HERE


Rosey saw Helen in the mall.

“Rosey Pee, Steve told me a secret. If I don’t tell someone I’ll burst!”

“Do tell!” said Rosey.

“Well, Alan overheard James telling Jane that Molly’s preggers, and Charlie’s the father!”

Rosey paused to process the names then gasped! “Mum’s the word, literally!”

Minutes later Rosey phoned Amanda.

“Mandy” she whispered.

“I can’t hear you Rosey”

“I can’t shout, ceilings have ears”

“Walls have ears!” laughed Amanda.

“Walls too? Never mind, listen. Helen said Charlie said Alan has got Jane in the pudding club!” Trust Rosey to get it mixed up!

Straight away Amanda told Nicki who thought it too good to keep to herself and rushed to the pub to tell Brenda the barmaid, aka Barmy Bren.

The pub was extremely noisy and  Brenda struggled to hear, but she thought got the gist of it and within minutes the ‘secret’ was traveling from table to table and soon became the talk of the bar.

Rosey walked through the door.

“Hi, gang, who’s buying me a chardonnay?”

“Should you be drinking?” asked Dickie.

“‘Sorry?” said Rosey as she climbed onto a stool.

“Don’t sit there” said Mike. “Suppose you topple. Sit on a chair”.

Rosey wondered what was going on.

“‘You never told me you were seeing Alan,” said Jacob.

“I’m not,” said Rosey, “I’m with Gareth”

“‘Don’t worry,” he said tapping his nose “Your secret’s safe with us. How’s the morning sickness?”

It took a while, but eventually, they sorted the muddle out and Rosey got her glass of ‘Vino Non Pregnico’ as she called it!

Nicki suggested they play a game.

“I know,” said Rosey, “how about Chinese Whispers? We haven’t played it for ages”!


Tomorrow, P is for Poem

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42 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge Day 15”

    1. I gave her a blog of her own which ran for several years, and I felt guilty because people really did believe she was a real person! I guess most of her situations are plausible but not necessarily to one person!!! Thanks once again Kalpana.


  1. Gossip travels faster than speed of light, apparently. And a mucked up one at that. Rosie earned her vino non pregnico for sure. Nice interchange here and thanks for introducing more wacky characters, Keith.


  2. It sounds like they play that game all the time. I hope Rosey can get that rumor laid to rest before Gareth starts thinking, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” as often happens with such rumors. That thought comes up often in Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple series.
    I’m enjoying your Rosey stories. Hope you have another dozen witty scenes for us.


    1. We certainly don’t want Gareth running scared! I’m really pleased you are enjoying them, I wasn’t sure how my simple silly tales would be received.Fear not, I have enough scenes to keep me going to April next year!


  3. Hi Keith – looks like P should be for Pregnancy test … sounds like the whole village need them – to confirm who has fathered you … of course mothers aren’t involved!! Dear old Rosey!! Well the pub cares for her … cheers Hilary


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