A-Z Challenge – the best post so far!

Post 1651. Thursday April 12


Hi, it’s me, Rosey! I’m at Keith’s place! I came for a drink last night and ended up having several. He wouldn’t let me drive home and insisted I spend the night on his guest bed. He’s still in the land of nod. Listen, you can hear him snoring!

I’ve just had a lovely long shower, I stayed in until the hot water ran out. Then I found two croissants in the kitchen, and there were just enough coffee granules to make myself a cup.  I thought I’d repay his generosity by writing today’s post for him. He’ll be thrilled! 

You didn’t want to hear about my karaoke night anyway, did you? He’d only say I screech and yell which I don’t. He doesn’t appreciate the way I convey the emotion of the composition using my well-honed and sophisticated vocal techniques. 

We really are great mates despite him getting on a bit. A friendship without complications is special indeed. He doesn’t judge me. OK, he laughs at me, but not in a nasty way. He puts up with my silly mistakes and always makes excuses for me. He is a friend in the truest sense of the word. He’s… he’s….now I’m getting all tearful. Get your act together Rosey you soppy twerp!

Now, let’s see, how do I post this on his blog? Press that, copy and paste this, clickety-clackety-click and…..bingo!

I hear movement. Here he comes, he’ll be so pleased!




Apparently, tomorrow L is for Lunch

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amblennnThis time last year Keefie told you about the Karaoke night in Amble Bay. Why didn’t he invite me? Anyway, you can click HERE to read it again, provided I can work out how to do it.

45 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge – the best post so far!”

  1. So pleased to meet you, Rosey.
    It was so nice of you to help Keith out with his K post. 🙂 I look forward to hearing about your sophisticated vocal techniques at work.


  2. Wonderful Keith – absolutely fabulous idea to change the Point of view. I loved reading what Rosey had to say. Hope you got some coffee and croissant after all.


  3. Hi Keefie … how is Rosie today? Have you banished her … or have you vowed never to let her set herself down into your home … mind you – you seem pretty unprepared with only enough coffee for one cup – I guess someone has to have tea. She won’t even be aware of what’s happening around as she sails through … bet lunch will be fun …?! Cheers Hilary


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