A-Z Challenge Day 13

Post 1653. Saturday April 14



Rosey’s mother disapproves of excessive alcohol consumption. She’s a one-sherry-a-day plus a glass of wine on Sunday kinda gal! Daddy, however, enjoys a tipple or two – you should see what’s hidden in his shed!

They were having some work done at their house, so for one night only they availed themselves of Rosey’s spare room.

Rosey didn’t relish the prospect of another lecture on temperance from Mummy so she came up with a plan. She bought three large bottles of water, partly emptied two of them and topped them up with generous measures of vodka. Invisible booze! She just needed to be careful when pouring to give herself and Daddy the alcoholically infused variety, and Mummy the undoctored one. It worked and everybody was happy!

During the night Mummy woke up feeling very thirsty, so she crept to the kitchen to get a glass of water.  Yes, you’ve guessed, Mummy unknowingly poured herself some of Roseys special water. She quite liked it so she had some more, then some more!

At three in the morning, Rosey was woken from her slumbers by the sound of singing and went to investigate. Imagine her horror when she found Mummy on the balcony in her nightdress serenading a couple of seagulls whilst being watched by several irate neighbours!

Rosey got great pleasure from telling us about it. For once, she was the sensible one in a hilarious situation rather than the other way around!


Monday, N is for Naked! (no, not Rosey!)

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A1On this day last year, we all went to the May Fayre in Amble Bay. To revisit click HERE

45 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge Day 13”

  1. Hi Keith – poor Rosie’s Mum … bet she had a major headache … and oh yes … what next – I was just thinking about a glass of vino on a wet, very damp, miserable day … it is 5.25 (pm by the way!) … must be allowable now!! Cheers Hilary

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