A short story …

for Friday Fictioneers


They were standing outside the gaping doorway.

‘Is this right?’ asked Mike. ‘She calls her new apartment a piece of paradise. This is hardly the Golden Gate!’

‘It’s the address on the invitation’ said Mitch.

‘The stairway to heaven’s supposed to be paved with gold’ chuckled Mike.

‘Mixed metaphor, mate!’

‘What? I’m the king of metaphors, Metafive some call me!’


Venturing inside, they started climbing.

‘The song says there’re four steps to heaven, not fifty-four’.

‘No Mike, three steps’.

Are you questioning my song knowledge? I’m known as the Musical Mastermind. Anyway, let’s knock-knock-knock on heaven’s door!

‘Welcome,’ said Angela. 

‘Halo’, said Mitch.

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for #FOWD with Fandango where the given word is Smitten. I have chosen to use the Olde English version: to strike sharply or heavily with something held in the hand.



We are not fooled by your guise, sir. ‘Tis you, as certain as can be. Try as you might sir, we have your number. For ‘twas you who set the fire this Spring past.

Poor Ned still bears the scars of that dreadful day. Though smitten by your jagged rock then gagged and bound, he writhed free. Champion though he be, he had not the means to quench the terpsichorean flames that cruelly robbed him of his dwelling place, his wife, his beloved family.

You imagined we would not discern you, sir, did you not? How wrong could you have been. For you, deplorable sir, the die was cast that fateful day. And now, the nethermost depths of your repugnant mind are reached. ‘Tis us who will strike the final blow; ’tis us.

Take this…..sir!


A short story …

For Friday Fictioneers


ROSEY LARGE BWPMy friend Rosey loves the snow, so she went for a slippery stroll in the park.  

She spotted two kids from her class at school feeding the ducks, Cheeky Charley and Mischievous Millie. Just for a laugh, she threw snowballs at them. Mistake! They bombarded her in return. Turning her back, she found herself facing two more little devils, Giggly Grace and Joker Jack who joined in the fun!

‘Hey kids, stop that’ called one of their Mums and off they scarpered.

‘Bye Miss Snosey’ Charley shouted!

She looked like a living snowman but she didn’t mind, she’d loved every minute of it!


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A few scattered words …

for Friday Fictioneers



Arthur loved wildflowers.

Cornflowers, foxgloves, harebells.

Often he’d gather a few, tie them with a ribbon and hand them to a passing stranger.

Columbine, thrift, ragged robin.

He’d hold a buttercup beneath a child’s chin, if their skin glowed yellow he knew they liked butter! He was a great believer in folklore.

On the village green, amid a carpet of blossom sits a wooden bench. The villagers placed it there after he passed, beneath the cherry tree that he and his wife Florence adored. They mixed wildflower seeds with his ashes and scattered them there.

Daisies, cowslips, poppies.

Arthur loved wildflowers.



A1vFor the A-Z Challenge in 2017, I wrote a story each day about the fictional village of Amble Bay. Arthur featured in most of them, but sadly he died in the final instalment. You can read it HERE should you so wish!


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A flash of fiction …

for Friday Fictioneers




A twiddle of her earlobe means she’s about to become profound.

‘I’ve been travelling the train-track of life’ she said.


‘Starts, stops, rises and falls’

‘So …’

‘It made decisions for me’


‘Then suddenly …’

‘Yes? ‘

‘…it came to an end’


‘Left me dangling’

‘Oh dear

‘It was a message’

‘A message?’

‘Time to get off, choose my own destinations’

‘Did you?’

‘Of course. I’m a different person now’

‘You look the same to me’

‘Within, not without’


‘For a start, I’m having curry tonight not my usual Chinese!’


‘Yea, join me?’

‘Can’t, got a train to catch’


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And finally – I came across Froggie in the park yesterday looking rather chilly!


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