zzz I live a blissfully single life in my loft apartment a few steps from the beach on the East Sussex coast of England.

Before retiring I managed to get through nineteen jobs from selling cars and designing kitchens to working as a chef, and a pub landlord. Best of all, I created a theatre themed restaurant which was frequented by celebrities!

I failed English at school and didn’t read a book until my forties, but now I’m a writeahollic with an aversion to bad grammar and silly made-up words!

I have a daughter nearby, another in the wilds of Scotland and a son in Dubai each of which have contributed to my collection of grandkids.

I love to travel and have spent much time in faraway places, particularly India where I would happily take up residence. 

Thanks for visiting me, I hope to come across you again sometime.


Email   keith@hillman.net      Facebook   Keith Hillman


24 thoughts on “About

  1. Varad Feb 1, 2018 / 08:23

    Like the new site, Keith. A lot crisper than the old one.

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  2. GeorgieMoon Mar 28, 2018 / 11:32

    Hello, I’ve just found you, while I was searching for bloggers doing the A to Z challenge. I left a comment about Greece on another site of yours, not sure if it is still in use? You sound fun, I’m looking forward tomfollowing you and reading your posts.

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  3. JS Brand Nov 11, 2018 / 17:19

    Hi Keith, I like your new photo, I really do, but it’s made me feel old. Yes, it makes YOU look younger than the other photo does, but that’s not the reason. I have a thing about lookalikes and, for the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to figure out who “new Keith” looks like. Tim Martin, maybe, the bloke who owns Wetherspoons? Nah, you’re much more handsome. I found the answer today. Walking through town after the Remembrance Service, I bumped into a tall, distinguished chap, who was the spitting image of the updated you. I almost spoke, but scuttled away instead when I recognised him. He’s the only man to have given me a digital experience that was anything but high-tech. It left me with a startled expression for days afterwards. “Who was that?” my wife asked. “Just my urologist”, I answered.
    So there are two reasons why I feel old: (1) I have a urologist and (2) I’ve started to discuss my health in a public forum.

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  4. Keith's Ramblings Nov 15, 2018 / 13:42

    Just found your amusing comment JSB! The only similarity between Tim Martin and me is that we both ran pubs, him to greater success than me! I’m pleased my photo had the desired effect; age-wise that is!


  5. relaxitsallwrite Dec 3, 2020 / 18:34

    Theatre themed restaurant?!! How neat! Is it still up and running? I’d love to look it up 🙂 Also, I found it very interesting you failed English. My family has frequently suggested I take some writing classes because of my love for writing. They think it would be “fun” for me. I’d prefer not to know/conform to any rules, and just write what makes me happy…which seems to be what you do as well. Nice learning more about you, Keith. Love your writing!! …at this point, I think that goes without saying 🙂

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  6. Keith's Ramblings Dec 4, 2020 / 11:55

    Hi, thanks for looking me up!

    Sadly, the people that bought my bistro got it completely wrong and it closed down within months. Nowadays it’s a very popular Thai Restaurant! There are some pictures here – Stage Door Bistro

    Clearly, we both have the same approach to writing. Thanks so much for your kind words and taking the time to read my work.


  7. ladysighs Jan 11, 2022 / 23:47

    You have had many new beginnings! Who knows what awaits us all?
    Once we escape those English classes the possibilities are unlimited. 😉

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    • ladysighs Jun 11, 2022 / 18:03

      Let’s see. I posted this on Jan 11, 2022. Feb, March, April, May, June
      Five months to decide that you liked it. lol
      I’ll remember that. 🙂

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  8. Zelda Winter Feb 9, 2022 / 20:16

    Cool blog you have here–lots of interesting things to click on!

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  9. Staarlz Jun 10, 2022 / 03:12

    I confess envy…oh to be only steps from the beach!

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      • Staarlz Jun 11, 2022 / 20:31

        I know…I’ve decorated my small apartment with wall-to-wall beach/seashore/shells to keep me sane 🙂

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  10. Suzanne Crowley Oct 4, 2022 / 16:48

    Hi Keith, I’m a fan of your father’s work -I’m long time miniature collector. I especially love the elaborate french pieces
    he made. If you have or know of any pieces you are willing to part with, please let me know, Suzanne Crowley US

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