One hundred words …

for Friday Fictioneers



We should have won America’s Got Talent.  How often do you see acrobatic fire eaters? We were fantastic. Okay, it could have gone slightly better but the audience loved it, especially the part where I got a bit wobbly, grabbed the backdrop and set it alight.  The cheering crowd thought those handsome firefighters were part of the act!

But instead of going off in a blaze of glory the head judge, that British bloke, said it wasn’t particularly clever and anybody could do it.  Why should we take criticism from someone that can’t even ride an electric bicycle without falling off?  


*Incase you are unaware, Simon Cowell is currently absent from AGT having suffered a cycling accident – click HERE!



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Sixty-seven words …

for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt




‘She’s a wonderful daughter.  I changed my will yesterday,  she deserves everything.  She’s just brought my warm milk and pills.  They look different today.  The doctor probably changed them’. 

The chair creaks as she gently rocks him.  His breathing slows. The glass shatters upon impact with the floor.  Trying to speak, his slurred words fade, he drifts away. 

No need to visit tomorrow.  She turns, smiles, leaves.





A short story …

for Friday Fictioneers




I’ll never forget that Halloween. ‘Trick or treat’ we shouted the way kids do. The old lady hissed and shook her stick. We ran!

Never go near the grey house again’, Mum said.  ‘She’s a witch’. 

I work for a company emptying disused properties now. When I heard we were clearing the grey house I was intrigued. She’d died a while back and nobody had claimed it.  Did she have kids?  Grandkids?  Perhaps I’d find out.

Inside, everywhere was neat and tidy.  A bit of dust but nothing more. There was a photograph on the sideboard. 

A photograph of Mum and me.



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A cheeky tale …

for Friday Fictioneers … on a Wednesday!




I’m a sought-after TV and film extra.  You’ve no doubt seen me enhancing the background.

Due to my amazing physique, I’m also a body double.  That’s not Bonkiono’s butt bobbing up and down his latest naughty scene, it’s mine.  Poor chap had a boil as big as a baseball on his bum-cheek so I bobbed instead! 

I’m a stunt double too.  Yesterday I enacted a knife fight.  Tragically I pricked my little finger,  so sadly you won’t be seeing my gorgeous hand in the upcoming advert for ModernMan nail gloss. 

Naturally, I regularly walk the red carpet … ‘cos I’ve one in me bedroom!




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A traveller’s tale …

for Friday Fictioneers

*I’ve moved the train below ground for the sake of my tale!




A moving stairway draws me down.

The tunnel taunts me.  To my left, right, behind and before, silent figures stand like statues.

A rush of wind, a rumble, a roar.  A silver snake screeches to a halt.  Doors like gaping mouths, hiss open.  A surging mass spews out in a bid for freedom.  I’m jostled forward. 

Crammed, like sardines in a can, we jerk into motion.  I grip a post.  We sway as one, this way, that.  Nobody speaks.

We are deep underground.  My body’s here, my mind’s elsewhere.  Is this what it’s like?  At the end?

‘… approaching Angel’ shrieks a voice.  ‘Mind the gap’




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