A-Z Challenge Day 9

Post 1649. Tuesday April 10

My Friend Rosey has featured on my blog since I set it up twelve years ago. To read all about her in 200 or so words, click HERE



Posh Paula invited me to attend a soirée she was hosting to show off her fancy new apartment. Wear formal dress she said, and bring Rosey. I told Rosey I’d meet her at Paula’s pad at about eight.

At eight-twenty, I was sipping a flute of Bollinger Premier Cruz ‘97 whilst attempting to appear interested in a boring conversation with an equally boring person. Happily, I was saved by the bell when the door-chime suddenly played a merry tune. Thank goodness she’s here I thought, I was beginning to worry Rosey had forgotten!

Paula tottered doorward in her eight-inch-high Jimmy Choos to greet her final guest, not expecting to be confronted by a creature from a horror movie. She let out a blood-curdling scream, passed out and fell to her luxurious hand-woven carpeted.

Unfortunately, Rosey had misunderstood my instructions regarding her attire. I said ‘dress in something fancy’. She thought I’d said ‘wear fancy dress’.

Due to the restricted vision afforded by her costume, Rosey was unaware of the obstacle spread out at her feet.  She tripped over Paula, then stumbled into Father Frederick who was busily extolling the virtues of his communion wine over those of the ridiculously expensive Chateauneuf du Pape he was downing. He went red in the face, literally!

After being fanned for a while, Paula regained consciousness and composure and carried on as if nothing had happened, as did Father Frederick after rinsing his face and Rosey after removing her grotesque headpiece.

Tomorrow J is for  Jumper.

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A1Today, one year ago, I introduced you to Iris who grows lovely flowers! To revisit click Here.


37 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge Day 9”

  1. Trying to visualise Rosey’s headgear for the occasion. Hahhahhha. I hope the luxurious hand woven carpet was safe in the end.🙂
    Great, vivid story, Keith. Thanks for the laugh.

    Liked by 1 person

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