My six!

For Six Sentence Stories where the given word is Play



Hi Pete, I hear you’ve joined the amdrammers!

I have Paul, I’m participating in their next production and playing Pedro, a part previously performed by Brad Pitt.

A leading role Pete, are you up to it?

I’m practising Paul, it requires precision and preciseness as the part employs a peculiar parlance punctuated with pronunciation potholes.

What’s with the palliteration Pete?

Well, Paul, apparently it’s an excellent way for a thespian to exercise their jaw, their lips and their tongue, I’m going to skip the Q’s and have a crack at my R’s next – ooh, that sounds rude!






Thanks to Denise at GirlieOnTheEdge for hosting.

42 thoughts on “My six!

  1. ladysighs Nov 10, 2022 / 12:40

    This story is so funny I decided to read it aloud to my husband. When he said, “What’s the point?” I knew I would never get the part in the play. It doesn’t sound quite the same with a Texas drawl.

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    • Keith's Ramblings Nov 10, 2022 / 16:26

      Thanks so much. At least you tried, I’m trying to imagine what it would sound like!


  2. Frank Hubeny Nov 10, 2022 / 16:51

    Good point: Too many alliterations on the same letter leads to “pronunciation potholes”.


  3. UP Nov 10, 2022 / 16:56

    well written, decently done, engagingly exciting, and a super six

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    • Keith's Ramblings Nov 10, 2022 / 17:23

      I’m pleased! I wasn’t sure it would work as one person’s R’s is anothers’ Ass depending on where in the world you live!

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  4. Suzette Benjamin Nov 10, 2022 / 17:46

    Lol 😆…a thespian exercise.. Oh goodness Keith, you make me laugh 😅


  5. clark Nov 10, 2022 / 21:59

    damn! them others, they perused all the ‘Ps’ and left no pea stone unturned, pushed as I am into paroxysmal peripatetic pursuits, I accept the pluperfect price of vocabulary paralysis…

    good thing you Six was focused on vocabulary and not, say, gymnastics or the local emergency room would have a line out the door

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    • Keith's Ramblings Nov 11, 2022 / 11:10

      When it comes to P-ing, practice makes perfect and perfect needs practice, I’m perfectly practised and practically perfect, but won’t pontificate on your participation in the P pot challenge for fear of appearing presumptuous! Ouch, I’ve just twisted my tongue, emergency room, here I come!

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  6. jenne49 Nov 10, 2022 / 22:16

    Clark’s right – there’s not a pea left unturned. Oh wait – has anyone used precocious? Definitely that, then. Precocious talent.
    (I am reminded of more innocent days when I sent an invitation to an event to the name of the head teacher written on the list on the wall in the office, completely unaware that an irate parent had provided the name: Mr R. Sole. He didn’t come along…)

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  7. GirlieOnTheEdge Nov 11, 2022 / 19:14

    🤣😂 What fun this week at the Ramblings Playhouse! I’ve enjoyed the comment thread as much as your Six, Keith –
    a perfectly pleasant experience 😉


  8. dorahak Nov 12, 2022 / 01:28

    Pleased as punch to have perused this piece, Pkeith!


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