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0I don’t know why I agreed to this. Apparently, all I had to do was bend my knees, address the ball, swing the thing, and watch it fly. Easier said than done, I can tell you.

‘Four’ they keep shouting, I’ve not even managed a five! I’ve lost a  bucket load of balls, and they are flippin’ expensive. What with that and the entry fee, I shelled out a small fortune. 


Okay, that last hit really was a disaster. But the stupid pigeon should have known better than to fly in front of me just as I was brandishing my bat or stick whatever it’s called. 000000

Mind you, the scattering of feathers down the fairway did make for quite a pretty sight! Amazingly, the poor creature did manage to continue its journey albeit in a somewhat drunken manner.


That’s it, I’ve had enough. I’m going for a well-earned rest in what golfies call the ‘nineteenth hole’. Nineteenth hole? I ask you! It’s just a friggin’ bar for goodness sake and an expensive one at that. Whatever next?

No, it’s darts and snookering for me from now on. Proper sport!

Note: No pigeons were harmed in the making of this yarn.

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32 thoughts on “Something sporty…

      • Christine Goodnough Aug 14, 2022 / 23:37

        WordPress still won’t let me like any of your return comments, so “Like”. Now I have to log in to make this comment. Sigh!


  1. Leyde Ryan Aug 13, 2022 / 21:33

    I love this–your humor always suits me to a tee! And honestly, I’m not a sports enthusiast–but golf in particular makes me wonder why it’s a huge addiction for many🙄

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  2. Patricia Aug 13, 2022 / 23:07

    I took some golf lessons when I was young. Waste of money. Didn’t like the sport at all.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. msjadeli Aug 14, 2022 / 02:21

    You took the ordinary and made it extraordinary with your reading, Keith. Golf does seem to be the most pretentious of sports. Thanks for the laugh as you cut it down to size.

    Liked by 1 person

      • msjadeli Aug 14, 2022 / 17:58

        You’re most welcome, and I’m sure you’re right.


  4. Sherry Marr Aug 14, 2022 / 02:23

    I feel the same way about golf. The best time I ever had on a golf course was gathering all the scattered balls to keep the course looking tidy – a great pasttime for someone who is OCD. LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Carrie V. H. Aug 14, 2022 / 03:17

    I enjoyed this so much Keith! Brilliantly funny and it is always wonderful to hear you read it. I too am not much for golf! 🤣

    Liked by 1 person

  6. wyndolynne Aug 14, 2022 / 13:40

    This was hilarious! It reminded me of my brother’s frustrations while my nephew tried out golf in high school. 🙂

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  7. ben Alexander Aug 14, 2022 / 14:02

    your dry humor is wonderful, Keith! and I love the little graphics you included 😀


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  8. Truedessa Aug 14, 2022 / 17:02

    ha, I tried golfing once but I was never very good. I do enjoy a bit of mini golf but, I don’t think they have a 19th hole and on some days I could use a drink.

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    • Keith's Ramblings Aug 14, 2022 / 17:44

      The closest my nearest mini golf has to a 19th is a run-down shack selling dodgy coffee!


  9. Nancy Richy Aug 15, 2022 / 11:55

    Hahaha!! Never did quite get the allure! I’ll stick to mini golf!


  10. writingwhatnots Aug 15, 2022 / 13:28

    Haha! I like where the image took your thoughts. At least in darts the feathers are not attached to a living creature!


  11. Susie Clevenger Aug 15, 2022 / 23:48

    This gave me much needed giggles!


  12. purplepeninportland Aug 18, 2022 / 01:19

    This made me laugh out loud! Never could understand the obsession golf holds for so many. And . . . the clothes!


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