Fifty-three words

for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt where the given word is Dazzling.





She wandered ‘cross the meadow. Butterflies danced, birds whistled, dazzling crystals leapt from a tumbling waterfall.

“Reach for the sun, cast aside the clouds’ an unseen voice murmured. 

Warm sunrays caressed her palms.

“Reach far, and you’ll discover paradise”.

Then she tripped, landing in a smelly cow pat.

“Whoops,” the unseen voice chuckled.




29 thoughts on “Fifty-three words

  1. poetisatinta Aug 13, 2022 / 13:04

    Oh you got me there – I thought it was going to be a serious one for a nano second!! 🙂

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  2. Leyde Ryan Aug 13, 2022 / 21:50

    You are too much! It’s like a mental vacation to come here and read your humor😊

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      • Leyde Ryan Aug 14, 2022 / 20:53

        Cheers, and blessings to you as well, Keith😊


  3. Sunra Rainz Aug 14, 2022 / 01:25

    Just when she’d glimpsed heaven, she tumbles straight back down to earth! Cow pats have a way of doing that, ha ha! Probably because they’re always so big. Elephant pats are even bigger! Love your cheeky writes, Keith! 😀

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    • Keith's Ramblings Aug 14, 2022 / 14:57

      Now you come to mention it, they are the only ‘pats’ that are! I get as much fun from creating graphics as I do writing stories, so thank you.

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  4. Bill Aug 14, 2022 / 22:12

    Yep. Mind the gaps, as they say. And the cow pat (patty, patti).
    You made me listen to Jim Stafford’s song, “Cow Patti.” 🙂

    “Yippie eye eh Cow Patti
    She rode into town to find the man that killed her daddy”


    • Keith's Ramblings Aug 15, 2022 / 09:21

      Now you’ve made me listen to it!

      “But he slipped in something that was layin’ in the street and was shot ‘fore he hit the ground”!

      A rather more dramatic event but I get the connection! Cheers Bill.

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