100 Words

Post 1638. Wednesday March 21





Hobjc3b6rn-9w nice. ‘High five’ I shout as I slap my palm against the welcome sign. Unfortunately, my gesture is a little overenthusiastic and I send it tumbling over the edge and down into the stream. Sorry, I mutter. I carry on round the bend singing my favourite song.

‘Climb every mountain, ford every…’ (sorry, that ‘s a bit out of tune!)

On I plod. I crane my neck to watch a soaring eagle, or is it a sparrow? Whatever, it’s beautiful. Then I trip.


There’s that ****** welcome sign again. ‘You could have warned me’ I yell as I refused it another high five.



bjc3b6rn-9A little bit of nonsense for this week’s Friday Fictioneers which is once again hosted by Rochelle. This weeks picture is provided by  Björn Rudberg



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