A-Z Challenge 2018 – Theme Reveal!

A1I can hardly believe a year has passed since I welcomed you to the village of Amble Bay. Not a lot has changed there. The cherry tree above Arthur and Florence’s bench is once again in blossom and life goes on pretty well as normal.



Now it’s time for you to meet….


Those who have rambled with me over the past eleven years will already know quite a bit about My Friend Rosey, and I thought this years A-Z Challenge would be a good opportunity to introduce a few more of you to her scatty ways and ditsy doings!

You’ll learn all about her as we go through April, but I’ll just give you a few facts to set you on your way!

1) Rosey is her mid-thirties going on sixteen.

2) Rosey lives in an apartment overlooking the sea.

3) Rosey has two cats for company, Fuzzybutt, and Scruff

4) Rosey is a teacher’s assistant at a school for little folk.

5) Rosey drinks Chardonnay.

6)  Rosey is…well, Rosey!

Welcome to the crazy world of…. budhayanti-script.regular



To discover more about the A-Z Challenge 2018 and to join the many hundreds of bloggers taking part, click HERE


31 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge 2018 – Theme Reveal!”

  1. I am looking forward to getting to know Rosey! Much enjoyed your series on Amble Bay last year. Great to be back at the A-Z! All the best for a super fun and successful Challenge.



  2. Its been year that I had fallen in love with Amble Bay. And good to know that nothing has changed there…
    Look forward to meet Ms Rosey this year.
    I have thrown my hat in the ring too!


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