Ninety Nine Words

Post 1639. Wednesday March 28



All this food, I hope they’re hungry! I say, those sandwiches look delicious. Five different fillings. My homemade scones are still warm. Yummy! Here’s my strawberry jam and there’s the clotted cream. How about these cakes? The best I’ve ever made. Now, I need six cups and saucers and six plates. Shall we use the bone china? Why not, this is a very special picnic. Tablecloth check. Serviettes check. Cutlery…where’s the cutlery? Ah, here it is.

The phone’s ringing. Hello…yes…really…err…ok…bye. Oh, they’ve decided to go McDonald’s instead. What a shame. Hey, do you fancy a picnic? I’ve got sandwiches, scones……….



Written for Friday Fictioneers which is once again hosted by Rochelle. The picture is by Fatima Fakier Deria.

109 thoughts on “Ninety Nine Words

  1. Laurie Bell Apr 4, 2018 / 20:46

    Oh no!! Well I’ll come because it soumds delicious! Save me a scone


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