A-Z of Children’s Stories – day 21

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Young Tyler was staring up at the night sky from his bedroom window. It was black as ink and the moon was huge. His little sister Kate crept up behind him. ‘Boo’ she shouted and Tyler almost jumped out of his skin!

‘What are you doing Tyler?’ she asked.

‘I’m looking up there Kate’ he said, ‘I’m trying to see the man in the moon’

Kate giggled. ‘Don’t be silly Tyler, there’s no man in the moon. There can’t be because the moon is made of cheese’.

‘Perhaps he likes cheese’ said Tyler. ‘You do’.

Mum walked into the room. ‘Hi you two, what are you looking at?’

‘We are looking up there at the moon’ said Kate.

‘The moon’s a balloon’ said Mum with a silly grin on her face ‘A big round yellow balloon’

They all looked at each other and laughed.

‘Tyler believes there’s a man in the moon’ chuckled Kate.

‘Kate believes the moon is made of cheese’ laughed Tyler.

‘And it’s really not a balloon Mum!’ said Kate.

‘I’ll tell you what I believe’ said Mum ‘I believe it’s way past your bedtime!’

Kate went back to her room and opened the curtains just a little so she could peer up at the moon from her bed. She felt sure she saw a little mouse nibbling away at the surface. 

Tyler took one last look before he jumped under his duvet and waved to the man in the moon – and the man in the moon waved back.


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An A-Z of Children’s Stories – day 20

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Tom saw a time traveller on television. He was sitting in a chair wearing a special helmet and goggles and when he pulled the lever, he went back in time, and when he pushed the lever he went into the future. That looked fun! Tom thought he’d try it.

Daddy’s desk chair was perfect. He found a big wooden spoon for a lever and some string to tie it on with. Mummy’s tin colander looked just like the helmet. It just needed an aerial on top, so he got a twig from the garden and poked it in a hole. He put on his sunglasses and he was ready!

He closed his eyes a pulled back the lever. When he opened them he was in the park, but it didn’t look the same as it had this morning. The swings and the slide were made of wood. There was a tall thin tent on the grass and kids were sitting in front of it watching two funny puppets. He spotted his friend Charlie, but instead of riding his scooter, he was chasing a big wooden hoop and whacking it with a stick. He had funny clothes on; trousers down to his knees, long socks, a brown jacket, and a cloth cap. Then he saw Mr and Mrs Jones from next door. She had a funny little feathery hat on her head and a green and white spotty dress almost down to the ground. She even had a dead fox around her neck! Mr Jones usually wore a baseball cap and trainers, but now he had a hat with a brim, a stripy blue suit and shiny black and white shoes. All around, kids were skipping with ropes, playing hopping games, and rolling little tiny glass balls along the ground. Everyone looked so happy!

Tom pushed the lever forward and blinked. He was still in the park, but there were no children there. There were no birds singing, the flowers were dead and the trees had no leaves. The lake was filled with slimy mud and plastic bags and squashed bottles. Everything around him was grey and dusty. A sad looking old lady sat on the path holding out her hand.

Tom heard a ghostly voice in his ear. ‘Don’t let this happen Tom’ it whispered.

Tom didn’t like what he was seeing or hearing, so he tugged the lever upright.

‘What are you doing in my chair young man?‘ said Daddy.

There’s my colander!’ said Mummy.

‘Are you okay Tom?’ asked his big sister Tina. 


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An A-Z of Children’s Stories – day 19

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‘Shhhh’ said Simon. ‘It’s over there, look!’

Samantha and Simon crawled ever so quietly, and ever so slowly across the lawn on their hands and knees. As they got closer and closer, the grasshopper just sat there. Closer and closer, then ‘Ouch!’

‘Be quiet Samantha’ whispered Simon. ‘I said don’t make a noise’

‘But I knelt on a stone’ hissed Samantha. ‘It hurt’.

‘Don’t be such a girl’, said Simon. ‘I knew I should have brought Sean’

‘I won’t help if you are horrible’ said Samantha, ‘you are so mean’.

The grasshopper still sat there. They were just feet away. Closer and closer they went.

‘Have you got the jar?’ whispered Simon.

‘Of course’ hissed Samantha sounding a bit cross. ‘And I’ve put some grass in it’.

Jack knelt up and made his hands into a cup shape, then very slowly, very very slowly, he shuffled forwards on his green knees. He moved his hands towards the grasshopper. Six inches away, three inches, then one inch and ……

Suddenly the grasshopper jumped high up in the air, nearly as high as the house! It landed on a yellow flower by the shed.

‘Grrrrr’ said Jack.

They crawled ever so slowly, and ever so quietly across the lawn on their hands and knees towards the shed. The grasshopper just sat there. It made a chirruping sound and Samantha started to giggle. Then she flung herself forward and reached out as far as she could to try and catch it.

Again it hopped high into the sky. Nearly as high as the tree!

‘Now where is it?’ said Simon.’

‘I don’t know’ said Samantha. ‘It was a silly idea anyway.’

‘Hey’ said Simon. ‘Let’s go and catch a butterfly instead!

‘You can go on your own’ said Samantha.’ I’m going to pick some daisies’.



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A silly story…

for Sunday Photo Fiction


It looked fabulous in the brochure. Wonderful sun-drenched beaches, lush jungles, magnificent waterfalls and fabulous food. And here I am. Another place ticked off my bucket list. Beautiful Belize; a jewel on the eastern coast of South America they call it. Paradise.

Oh dear. Is this it?

Right, there’s a chemist shop, so I’ll be able to get some suntan lotion. There’s a chap asleep in a chair selling something leafy, don’t know what it is and I’m not sure I want to know! Oh look, there’s a place down there where I can buy some supplies. Trouble is, I need to change my money to the local stuff and I don’t see a bureau de change anywhere. Oh, hang on, the store’s called Poundyard so it probably takes my English money!

But that’s it.

Ahah! There’s the tourist information! My holiday starts here and now.

Oh dear, it’s closed.

Now, how do I get back to the hotel? This way or that way?



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Sunday Photo Fiction is hosted by Susan Spaulding who also provided the picture.


An A-Z of Children’s Stories – day 18

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He was so excited! For months, Raymond had watched his big sister preening herself in preparation for her latest date! Now it was his turn, his first date.

Ok, he was only five feet tall with a chin as smooth as a baby’s bum, but it was time to put away his Action Man and claim his own Barbie doll!

Now, what to wear. Usually, he put on whatever his Mum left out for him. But today, he would decide! The laid back look with ripped jeans and a tee shirt, or those smart Chinos he’d never worn?.

He looked in the mirror. Should he get the kitchen scissors and lop off the bit of hair that always stuck up?  Sudden horror! That zit wasn’t there this morning. Why did it choose today to glow on the end of his nose?

Pull yourself together he thought. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Your grown-up life.

As Raymond swaggered along the road clutching a few flowers he’d picked from the garden, he glanced at his watch. Would she be waiting or would he get there first?

He walked to the bench by the pond as arranged. She wasn’t there, but he was a little early. Ten minutes later he was still waiting. But girls like keeping boys waiting. Or so his sister told him.

The sun went down. The playground emptied and the ducks swam back to their island. He sniffed as he tried to stop a tear trickling down his cheek. It was true what they said about girls. He should have listened to his mates. He should have gone with them. They were finishing their new camp in the woods. They were having fun.

He threw the flowers into the pond. He had been stood up on his first date.



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An A-Z of Children’s Stories – day 17




When I grow up I’m going to be the Queen’ said Hollie. ‘I’ll wear a sparkly crown on my head and wear posh clothes and sit on a big gold chair called a frone, or something like that’.

‘Don’t be silly’ said bossy brother Ben. ‘You can’t be the Queen!’

‘Yes I can, and I’ll have some soldiers and some servants and some maids and a big bed with tall wooden poles in the corners and a lady to bring me my breakfast before I get up’.

‘No you won’t’ laughed Ben.

‘Yes I will and I’ll have a bubble bath every day and a rubber duck with diamond eyes and nice smelling squirty stuff to spray all over me and….guess what?

What?’ sneered Ben.

‘I’ll whisper it in your ear because it’s a bit rude’ said Hollie.

Ben came closer.

‘Queens don’t go to the toilet‘  

‘Really?’ said Ben.

‘Cross my heart’ said Hollie, ‘Suzie told me. And you know on Christmas Day at three o’clock when Mummy and Daddy tell us to be quiet while the Queen talks out of the telly? Well, when I talk to everybody it will be interesting not boring like it was last Christmas’.

‘Ok, your Majesty, but I’m not going to be your page boy!’ Ben giggled as he pinched Hollie’s nose and ran off!


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An A-Z of Children’s Stories – day 16

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May I start by apologising for not visiting many of your blogs yesterday. My PC suffered a sudden and somewhat dramatic death and as a result, my day was spent acquiring and setting up a new one!



‘Let’s play pirates’ said John to his brother Jack. ‘Let’s pretend the garden is a tropical island. We’ll look for treasure, there’s bound to be some’.

‘I’ll get Daddy’s spade and a sack’ said Jack.

‘Twelve steps forward and two steps right’ said John looking at an imaginary treasure map in his hand. ‘I think it’s here’ he said pointing to a bit of garden with no flowers in it.

‘Watch out, there’s a tiger’ said Jack to John.

Tom the ginger cat stopped and stared for a moment or two, then wandered off. ‘Shiver my timbers’ said Jack, ‘that was close’.

‘Argh Jack lad, so it was’ said John. ’Look, there’s a parrot in that tree.’ He tap-tap-tapped his shoulder hoping it would come and sit on it. The pigeon flapped its wings and flew away!


They made a big hole 

and burrowed and dug.

Rusty old nails,

a bit of a plate,

a handle that broke off a mug!


‘When Daddy sees this mess he’ll be cross’ said John.

‘He’ll make us walk the plank’ said Jack. ‘Yesterday he planted seeds here and now we’ve dug them up!

‘We’ll fill the hole and smooth the dirt, he’ll never know’ said John.

‘He will when his new plants don’t grow’ said Jack.

‘Or they grow upside-down’ John said.

‘But we are not afraid because we are pirates’. 

‘Argh’ growled John.

‘Argh’ Jack growled back, ‘We are fearless’

‘Oh no!’ yelled John pointing to a little mouse as he ran for the kitchen door.


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An A-Z of Children’s Stories – day 15

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Millie and her friend Billy were looking at a picture book about things that live in the sea.

‘What’s that funny thing?’

‘I think it’s called an octopus’

‘Why has it got, err… one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight legs?’

‘Because that’s the way it’s made’

‘If it wore shoes it would need four pairs and it would have to tie up lots of laces wouldn’t it?’

‘Yes, eight of them. I bet it would be good at football. It could kick the ball in all sorts of directions’.

‘If it was the goalkeeper it would just lay on its back and stop every shot!’

‘I wonder if it ever treads on its own toes?’

‘Or trips itself up!’

‘I’ve just thought of a joke’

‘Go on then’

What do you call a cat with eight legs?

I don’t know. What?

An octopussy!

Haha, very good! Now let’s look at the next page’

‘What’s that?’

‘It looks like a little horse with no legs’

Your mummy will know’

‘Mummy, what’s this called?’

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An A-Z of Children’s Stories – day 14

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Nellie and Ned were doing their maths homework. It was very boring.

‘Why is ten scared of seven?’ asked Ned.

‘I don’t know’ said Nellie.

‘Because seven ate nine, and ten is next!’

Nellie didn’t laugh.

‘That’s not very funny’ she said.

‘Why?’ asked Ned.

‘Because they shouldn’t eat each other of course’.

They went back to their homework.


‘What about this’ said Ned. ‘If I’m holding  six oranges with my left hand and five apples with my right hand, and I drop one apple and two oranges, what do I have?’

‘Very big hands!’ laughed Nellie.

‘That wasn’t supposed to be a joke’ said Ned, ‘It’s here in our homework, look’.

‘Oh, right’ said Nellie.


‘Ned, why isn’t your nose twelve inches long?’

‘Where’s that question?’ asked Ned looking at his homework book.

‘It’s a riddle silly!’  said Nellie.

‘Oh, because erm…..because I don’t tell lies?’


‘What then?’

‘Because it would be a foot’ giggled Nellie.

Ned didn’t laugh. ‘I don’t get it’.

A foot!’ she shouted pointing to his shoe and then his ruler.


Daddy walked into the room. ‘If there were four pizzas, one big bowl of chips, three vanilla ice creams and one chocolate ice cream, two cokes and bottle of wine, what would we have?

‘I know’ shouted Nellie, ‘Twelve!’

‘No’ said Daddy. ‘Supper! Now hurry up and finish your homework,  Mummy and I are  starving!’


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An A-Z of Children’s Stories – day 13

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The Queen of all Mermaids took the hand of her eldest daughter.

”I am weary.  Your time has come, time to take my place. Our people are waiting to crown you. Go, child’.

‘Are you not coming with me Mother?’ she asked.

‘I cannot Princess, this you must do alone to prove you are worthy.’

‘But where do I go?’ 

‘To the horizon’ her Mother said.

‘How will I know when I’m there?’ the Princess asked.

‘You will know little one. You will know’

And with that, her mother was gone.

She was alone. 


She swam with a kaleidoscope of fishes, through forests of coral and above deep dark places that made her shiver. But the horizon came no closer.

‘How far is the horizon?’ she asked a dolphin. ‘As far as you can see and farther still’ it said.

Which way is the horizon?’ she asked a starfish. ‘That way child’ it said pointing in five directions.

‘How long will it take?’ she asked an oyster. ‘How long is a string of pearls?’ it replied.

‘I’m tired, may I ride on your back?’ she asked a seahorse. ‘No Princess’ he said. ‘You have to go alone’.


Suddenly the ripples began to glow. Flowers floated around her. From the shimmering sea towered a rock of silver, gold and sparkling diamonds. At its peak, a jewel-encrusted throne and alongside it sat her Mother. Finally, she had reached the horizon.

She heard her Mother’s voice. ‘Your journey is over Princess. It’s time for you to lead your people’.

A hundred smiling mermaids swam to the surface and formed a circle around her. They splashed, they frolicked, they laughed with joy. They formed a nest of arms and gently lifted the Princess higher and higher. Songbirds of every colour fluttered and whistled, rainbow fish lept and dived. 

‘Place her upon the throne’ said her proud Mother. ‘Let us all welcome our new Queen of all Mermaids’ 


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