Sixty-three words…

for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt where the given word is Treetop.





My mate drops white pebbles when rambling to help find his way back. 

Me? A compass, far more sensible. 

It says south-east. I want to go home, so I’ll head north-east, no, south-north, erm….

If I climb to that treetop I should be able to see the town. 

Oh, I can’t. 

Look, there’s a white pebble, and another. I think I’ll follow them.



26 thoughts on “Sixty-three words…

  1. Suzette Benjamin Mar 4, 2023 / 14:09

    Indeed, sometimes technology fails but nature’s guidestones lead us home. Love the story and your reading!

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  2. Dale Mar 4, 2023 / 19:46

    I’m thinking, if you don’t know your east from your west; your north from your south… best to follow the pebbled road!

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      • Dale Mar 5, 2023 / 18:08

        There is that…


  3. pensitivity101 Mar 4, 2023 / 19:49

    Fun response Keith. Following the pebbles, you will either catch up with your friend or find yourself at his house!

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  4. poetisatinta Mar 4, 2023 / 19:52

    Ha yes dump your compass, follow your nose and the pebbles…. I just hope it’s your friend’s pebbles you are following! 🙂

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  5. Bill Mar 7, 2023 / 23:17

    I followed the pebbles too. Found ya both at the pub.

    I am a retired US Air Force master navigator. On the ground I am nearly useless. I have no “sense” of direction. One of my children is notoriously “directionally challenged”
    I was so surprised to discover that my phone has a compass. Does anyone know how to use them? 🙂


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