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There used to be trees here, pine trees, and a carpet of grass dotted with pinecones.  I’d come here and immerse myself in the comfort that only nature can provide. 

Look at it now. Characterless buildings reach for the sky, and below our feet are slabs of grey nothingness.

Our town once had a train station. I can still see the steam trains huffing and puffing as the wheels clickety-clacked along the railway track.  It’s just a car park now.

Do you remember the cinema? As kids, we used to sneak in through the fire door at the rear! It’s been changed into a pub now, one of a chain of similar ones.

I’d sometimes wake up to the sound of a milk float travelling along our street, its glass bottles clinking. Later in the day, an ice cream van would arrive playing a merry tune!


There used to be a factory on the outskirts, smoke belched from its towering chimneys. They knocked it down and created a park. It’s lovely.

There was a stinking rubbish tip nearby too. Horrid it was. They cleared it and planted trees, pine trees surrounded by wildflowers. I go there sometimes to remind myself that Mother Nature is still doing her best to survive. 



Art by Rob Gonsalves

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11 thoughts on “Remembering

  1. Suzette Benjamin Feb 19, 2023 / 14:39

    Nicely contrasted scenes Keith, the past and present, have both their charms and their less than attractive aspects. An enjoyable read. Thank you!!
    P.S. I like the word “belched!”


  2. wyndolynne Feb 19, 2023 / 15:03

    hopeful and nostalgic–a difficult combination but one that worked here.


  3. Susan St.Pierre Feb 19, 2023 / 15:37

    Take heart. Mother Nature will be fine. Look how long she survived without us. [People, on the other hand, are their own worst enemy. 😉 ]


  4. beth Feb 19, 2023 / 16:29

    I love hearing about the then and now


  5. poetisatinta Feb 19, 2023 / 16:42

    Nicely portrayed Keith – let’s hope mother nature wins the battle ❤


  6. 100 Country Trek Feb 19, 2023 / 20:03

    Keith these scenes are so fantastic. And it caught my attention. Anita


  7. Christine Goodnough Feb 20, 2023 / 04:18

    You lose a few; you win a few. Good tale. Thankfully, in developed countries nature has recovered a lot from the pollution there used to be.


  8. The Sicilian Storyteller Feb 20, 2023 / 14:19

    Beautiful rememberings, Keith, and quite happy to hear about the new little park. Time to reverse the damage done to our Mother. We must treat her with love and respect; she’s the only one we’ve got. 💕 🌎


  9. Carrie V. H. Feb 20, 2023 / 15:11

    I love this Keith! Mother Nature surely does do her best to survive. I always so enjoy hearing you read your wonderful poetry my friend!


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