32 thoughts on “Thirty-five words

  1. ladysighs Oct 8, 2022 / 11:01

    I have no excuse – but why is it when someone writes or claims to write a story with X amount of words I always count them?

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      • ladysighs Oct 8, 2022 / 11:45

        The hundred count ones can be quite annoying. I have to copy the post and then separate the words into lines of ten.

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  2. Dale Oct 8, 2022 / 17:23

    Beth beat me to it… kittens, puppies, children – their running amok is part of their cuteness…

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  3. Sunra Rainz Oct 8, 2022 / 17:39

    Ha ha! Kittens are the same, Keith 🙂 Love how you’ve messed with the image, very clever 🙂

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  4. Patricia Oct 8, 2022 / 20:53

    Kittens and puppies have their work to do the same as their humans.

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  5. Bill Oct 9, 2022 / 18:55

    Wonderful, Keith.
    I read and reposed a meme that said, “Puppies prepare you for babies. Kittens prepare you for teenagers.”

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