It’s Sunday

A short story for The Sunday Muse




clipart6308“When we grow up we should be film stars,” said Tommy.  “I could be a handsome Prince and you could be my girlfriend like Cinderella”.

“I’d like to be a singer”, said Emily “and  can you bang some drums or play a guitar on the stage behind me”.

“I’m good at drawing so I might be an artist and you are quite pretty so I might let you pose for me”.

“If I’m posh when I grow up, you can be my servant”.

“If I’m a millionaire you can cook my dinner and wash my clothes”.

“I’d like to be one of those people that give out drinks on an aeroplane”

“I’d like to drive an aeroplane” 

“I think your first idea was best”, said Emily, “we’ll make movies and I’ll be a beautiful Princess and you can be my Prince Charming, as long as those yucky zits on your cheek go away”.




Thanks to Carrie for hosting.

20 thoughts on “It’s Sunday

  1. Gillena Cox Oct 9, 2022 / 09:41

    Nice one Keith. We must have dreams to have dreams come true

    Happy Sunday


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  2. Suzette Benjamin Oct 9, 2022 / 09:59

    Amazing how one first dreams never go away!
    Fascinating take on the prompt, Keith.
    P.s. Of course you had my attention from the photo of Bruce Lee.👍👍

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  3. Sadje Oct 9, 2022 / 10:46

    The daydreams of kids are so lovely. They can be anything they want

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  4. wyndolynne Oct 9, 2022 / 14:35

    This made me laugh, all the joy in the possibilities.

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  5. Patricia Oct 9, 2022 / 21:14

    When I was in kindergarten, I wanted to be Tinkerbelle. I still think it sounds good.

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  6. Sherry Marr Oct 10, 2022 / 01:15

    This was a fun read. I hope they try out some of those dreams.

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  7. kaykuala Oct 10, 2022 / 03:54

    How fun it is to have make believe dreams to liven things up every so often. It can even be a form of discussion informally.


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  8. Christine Goodnough Oct 10, 2022 / 15:59

    Ah yes, dreams of being Someone Extraordinary. I think Abe Lincoln once said, “God must have loved the common people. He made so many of them.” At this stage of life I’m content to be in that class. 🙂


  9. Helen Oct 10, 2022 / 17:43

    Another winning entry! Cheers. So many dreams, so little time.


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