My contribution

for Six Sentence Stories where the given word is Wear.




562846bb6e69996d25d183d9_56303911a642afb00a9801e1_rzI don’t like my name, Grace, so I call myself Maizie ‘cos I’m amazing – Amazing Grace, get it? 

Graces wear pretty dresses and loads of makeup, have cute smiles, flirt with wealthy men and dream of high society. 

I’m all about baggy jeans, ruddy cheeks, wicked grins and proper guys! 

I prefer fried eggs to fish eggs, beer to Bordeaux, and Meatloaf to Mozart! 

I’m gonna join the Hells Angels, not the Women’s Institute. 

I’ll take whatever life fires at me and fire back, ‘cos I’m Mazie!



RIP Meatloaf, we‘ll miss you!

Thanks to Denise at GirlieOnTheEdge for hosting.


23 thoughts on “My contribution

  1. UP Jan 27, 2022 / 13:08

    well done you! Good piece… different takes on life.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sadje Jan 27, 2022 / 13:36

    I like your Maizie! Sounds like fun.


  3. Frank Hubeny Jan 27, 2022 / 17:17

    Nice description: “wicked grins and proper guys”. It occurred to me that I also prefer fried eggs to fish eggs.


  4. Liz H Jan 27, 2022 / 18:27

    Now there’s a soul on fire, and we can’t help but like her!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. jenne49 Jan 28, 2022 / 18:57

    Love that girl! Go, Mazie, go! You’ve created a fine character there, Keith.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. GirlieOnTheEdge Jan 30, 2022 / 03:45

    Give me an “M”, give me an “A” give me….
    You only live once so why not live it large (as they used to say) and have a good time! Mazie’s alright 😎


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