Friday Fictioneers.




The door flew open and in he hopped.

‘Hi, I’m Cassidy. I’ve lost a leg. I had too many at the pub last night and got legless, literally’

‘Let’s see’ said Lost-Property-Man scrolling down his computer screen.

‘Pro…pros…prosthetics.  I’ve got an arm, an ear, a glass eye.. ah, a left leg!’

‘Mines a right leg’

‘No sorry. I’ve got some unclaimed crutches; how about this monocycle?’

Cassidy wasn’t amused.

Realising he’d put his foot in it, Lost-Property-Man apologised and promised to contact him if it turned up.

Anyway, if you come across it, leave a comment below and I’ll let Cassidy know. Thanks.



leg-up-jhcFriday Fictioneers is hosted by Rochelle. This week’s picture is from J Hardy Carroll

86 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers.”

  1. Hi Keith – obviously Cassidy ran far too fast leaving his leg behind … it’s probably in the rubbish bin nearby … someone needs to help him hop there to check it out … take care and carry on enjoying the warm weather – cheers Hilary

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  2. Oh dear. I thought it was a stick but when i put my glasses on, I can now see it’s the reminder of a wooden foot. UNfortunately, Rosie thought it was a chew toy and it’s no use to anyone now. Indeed, there’s barely enough for her to retrieve.
    Best wishes,
    PS Rosie is a Border Collie x Kelpie who is a fetch and chewaholic. She even expects me to throw fragments of stics. Fragments of foot, prosthetic or otherwise, I have no interest in.
    Best wishes,

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  3. Dear Keith,

    Such a deal. I haven’t seen his leg around here, but surely it couldn’t have just walked away. I guess Cassidy will just have to hop along. 😉 You certainly have a runaway story here. Lots of fun.



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  4. Oh oh … Fun take! By the way, they actually DO find all manner of odd things on the NY Subway. Had a story on it on the news not too long ago, and prosthetics were one of the odder ones, because one wonders, how DOES one forget a prosthetic on the subway!? (false teeth apparently are a common lost item! Go figure!)

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  5. A punny one this. I have great faith in lost property – it is amazing what people hand in. I found an expensive watch at a bus stop and took it to the police lost property office. They insisted on having my name and address – because if no one claims it; wouldn’t I want such a lovely watch! I just thought if I really wanted it, would I have taken to the lost property?

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