Post 1636 . Tuesday March 13

I’ve based my story on an event I witnessed in Nepal a few years ago



I don’t know his name. I know nothing of him. I am just a casual observer standing on a riverbank.

On the other side, golden flames flicker. I look on, humbled by the solemnity of a family filing past a pyre which bears a lifeless body. They bid it farewell as its spirit passes from this life to the next and then to paradise.

I watch the remains being scattered in the flowing muddy water amid scores of swirling petals and scraps of gaudy fabric as they start their short journey downstream to the sea.

The mourners have left now but the embers still glow, a sign that something of him lives on, but in a far better place. 


photo-20180312154628322Written for Priceless Joy’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers where the photo is provided by Enisa

17 thoughts on “FFfAW”

  1. Pyres always remind me of the iconic scene at the end of “Return of the Jedi” when Luke burns Darth Vader’s body on one. I’d love to have a print of that scene. Visually, it’s so powerful. Then of course, with Darth Vader in ashes, Anakin’s “force ghost” rejoins Yoda’s and Obi Wan’s. Complete circle.

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  2. A sad scene, even when viewed by a stranger. You’re the second person besides me that I’ve seen who interpreted this image as funeral pyre. I’m glad I didn’t read anyone else’s before I wrote mine. 🙂


  3. Keith this post made me emotional. Few months back, a dear friend lost her fight with cancer. I accompanied her on her last journey. Memory of standing near the funeral pyre and staring at the fire taking away the mortal remains of my friend is still fresh in my mind. Smiling face of my friend remains etched in my heart!


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