Flash Fiction

Post 1635. Sunday March 11



A black Mercedes swung from CharltonHigh Street into the multi-story then reversed into Bay 103. Its driver sat back, lit a cigarette and began leafing through a newspaper. He glanced up now and again as other cars entered. Then it arrived. A white Lexus. MTG18GS. He watched it drive up the ramp to the next level.

He climbed from his car, flicked a speck of ash from the lapel of his navy-blue suit then ran up the steps. From the landing on the second floor, he watched as the white Lexus parked in Bay 227.

urania-czech.urania-cz (1)

In Bay 228 a young lady threw bags of shopping into the back of her silver Range Rover then headed for the driver’s door. She suddenly gasped and pressed her hands to her mouth. The side window of the white Lexus in Bay 227 was splattered with crimson blood, its lifeless driver slumped over the steering wheel.

Meanwhile, in the men’s room, a man in a navy-blue suit washed his hands, smoothed his hair and straightened his tie. He smiled at himself in the mirror before heading back to bay 103, climbing into a black Mercedes and heading off down Charlton High Street.



224-03-march-11th-2018200 words precisely for Sunday Photo Fiction where this week’s picture is by A Mixed Bag.

20 thoughts on “Flash Fiction”

  1. Detroit’s art institute used to have underground parking. It was downright creepy. This is the kinda thing I always suspected could happen there. Give me a wide open above ground lot any day.


  2. Like the action a lot.
    Feels like it is right from a really great crime novel.

    also love the specific cars you mentioned.
    each one a bit high end – and then to have the shopper discover and the man in suit wash hands – little details that were rich


  3. Sometimes I feel that Underground parkings are just made for crime, or so it would seem when you see movies/TV, or read stories like these. I wonder how people still gather the courage to park their cars there 🙂


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