Today we have a 22 letter word!



Today’s redundant words are:-

gGlossolalia  nonsensical talk, gibberish

Gobemouche  a gullible person

Gynotikolobomassophile  – the meaning of which should become apparent as you read the tale!



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There are all kinds of philes. No, I don’t mean containers for paper, or things to smarten up your nails.  Anyway, they start with an eff not a pee!

I’m thinking of ailurophiles like my friend Rosey who adores cats.  There’s Pete the Plonker who’s an oenophile because he loves fine wines.  I’m a clinophile because I enjoy lying in bed and a logophile because I’m fascinated by words,  hence my theme.  My mate Andy’s a coimetrophile, a lover of cemeteries which is useful as he’s a gravedigger.

In the current situation, the most useful phile for singletons like me has to be autophile, someone who prefers to be alone!

301-3015453_sneaky-man-clipartBut the chap I want to tell you about was known as Nathan the Nibbler. He’s was a gynotikolobomassophile. He’d find a gobemouche, start chatting about the weather or something then ask ‘do you want to hear a secret?’ He’d whisper a load of glossolalia in their ear,  nibble their lobe and run off!

Once, he accidentally loosened a lady’s earring which got stuck in his throat and he almost choked to death!

Isabellina O’Muireadhaigh is a sesquipedalophile because she’s obsessed with very long words, and  Jo Po loves …..



*Gynotikolobomassophile is, of course, someone who can’t resist nibbling ears!


Tomorrow’s 12 words

Huggermugger,  Habiliment,  Houppelande,  Horse-coper,   Husbandman,  Hornswoggles, Howbeit,  Hereat. Halt,  Heretofore,  Howbeit and Hereat. 

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A short story which includes 9 rarely used words!



EToday’s redundant words are :-

Eyne – eyes

Equipage – equipment

Embouchure  the mouth of a river

Erelong – soon

Eftsoon – in a short while

Egad – exclamation of surprise.

Enow – enough

Excogigate – plot, plan, devise

Esurient – hungry




What a nice campsite.  Now, where shall I pitch up?  This spot’s perfect.  A treat for the eyne. It’s beside the embouchure so I’ll be able to catch fish and paddle during the day and the sound of rippling water will send me to sleep at night!

Now, let’s get the equipage.  Firstly my little tent.  Apparently, it’s easy to put up.  Just a few poles, some ropes and some cloth. Erelong, my home for the next few days will be ready for occupation!  Eftsoon, I’ll be sitting by my campfire cooking … something.  Not sure what just yet. I might go foraging.  We’ll see. 

Anyway, here goes.  That fits there and this goes here.  So far so good.  Bang some pegs in...ouch, my thumb … and there it is!

1737026Egad, what’s that?  I’m being stared at by a wild beast.  They didn’t say anything about them on Tripadvisor!  Shoo!

Oh no, it’s beginning to rain. I’ll have to crawl inside.  Blimey, it’s a bit smaller than I expected. Never mind. Oo-err, the wind’s getting up, please don’t blow me away!

I’ve had enow.  This was not a good idea.  I need to excogitate and I’m esurient too so I’ll walk up to The Good Intent pub for some grub and have a think.

“Fish and chips, and a pint of your finest frothing ale landlord please, and do you perchance offer bed and breakfast accommodation?”



Tomorrows words

fastuous, fabulist, flatulopetic 

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