One hundred words …

for Friday Fictioneers which is once again hosted by Rochelle.


My mates invited me to one of those battle recreations where grown men put on armour and play soldiers. 

However, I wasn’t expecting to be handed a Viking helmet and a plastic spear when I arrived; I assumed I’d be a spectator, not a participant!

As we faced the Anglo-Saxons guarding the fortress, I shook in my boots. When the command came to charge across the field I was unwillingly carried along, seconds later to be poked in the eye by a clumsy foe’s foam-rubber arrow.

Actually, this eye patch suits me. It would look perfect with a pirate costume!



Click Froggie to join in the fun!.





PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

47 thoughts on “One hundred words …

  1. Iain Kelly Apr 5, 2023 / 16:55

    Often wondered about those that recreate these battles. I guess it must be fun in some way! Pirates on the other hand, I’m all for! 🙂

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    • Keith's Ramblings Apr 6, 2023 / 14:34

      As I live in 1066 country, I’m quite used to battles! The Battle Of Hastings is often recreated on nearby Senlac Hill, the site of the original confrontation. I went once – once was enough!

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  2. theministryofshrawleywalks Apr 6, 2023 / 00:09

    A bloke I worked with was always a roundhead in those battle recreation doos, seemed to happen a lot in the Shire, I never went, but I imagine it being a bit like your tale

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    • granonine Apr 6, 2023 / 13:19

      CEAYR, it’s good to see you. May I take a look at the Unicorn Challenge as well?


      • ceayr Apr 6, 2023 / 14:21

        Of course, we have no restrictions. Invite your friends and family too, and any enemies not included in those categories!

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    • Keith's Ramblings Apr 6, 2023 / 15:42

      Just when I’m thinking of reducing the number of prompts I follow, another pops up! I’ll look by tomorrow!


  3. Alicia Jamtaas Apr 6, 2023 / 14:30

    This made me laugh ~ sorry. But I do feel for the man. Who knew foam rubber could be so dangerous?

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  4. rochellewisoff Apr 6, 2023 / 14:35

    Dear Keith,

    Quite the challenge that and a unique take on the prompt. As always, I come away from your post smiling.




  5. plaridel Apr 7, 2023 / 02:43

    accidents do happen. hope it wasn’t that serious to lose one eye for life. 🙂


  6. GHLearner Apr 7, 2023 / 18:39

    I bet that foam rubber hurled could be quite painful. The pirate-reference though tells me that he enjoyed the adventure more than he’d like to admit. Great fun!

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  7. msjadeli Apr 7, 2023 / 21:10

    Cute graphics and I can laugh at the story because it’s fiction 🙂

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  8. Liam Apr 8, 2023 / 03:28

    I always wanted to go to a military reenactment as a conscientious objector.


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