Times two!

for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt where the given word is Midnight and the limit, 94 words.




Told-you Ted has an uncanny way of predicting things. Nothing huge like lottery numbers, just minor happenings. When he said the world would end at midnight Saturday we laughed, well, most of us! 

Landlord Luke said he’d stay open late so we could all enjoy our last drink together!

The pub was packed. My friend Rosey wore a bedsheet, plastic wings and a clip-on halo!

At midnight, shock, horror, the lights went out! Luke ‘accidentally’ clicked the switch!

Walking home, I passed World Wines. It had just closed its doors for the last time.



After writing the above I remembered a simple little poem I put together many moons ago. After some tweaking, I’ve managed to increase it to 94 words!



The world will end on Wednesday,

at midnight so they think.

So Tuesday night I’ll stay up late 

and have my final drink.


I’ll prob’ly go to heaven,

at least, I think I should.

I’ve done my best for fellow man,

I’ve always tried to do what’s good.


I hope there’ll be a blogosphere

beyond the pearly gates.

A place where I can ramble on

and write with all my mates.


I wonder if they’ve got it right

but hope they got it wrong.

If nothing happens Tuesday night,

we’ll chat on Wednesday morn.



21 thoughts on “Times two!

  1. Suzette Benjamin Feb 25, 2023 / 16:08

    Fascinating! Context is everything with predictions, Told-you Teddy was not wrong about WorldWines (I noted the pun there whines vs wines…Lol).


  2. Bill Feb 26, 2023 / 22:02

    A two-fers from Keith. And both so charming (if the world ending at midnight can be). Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dawn Mar 4, 2023 / 16:38

    Nicely done, Keith! 💞


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