A tiddly tale…

for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt where the given word is Loquacious and the limit, 88 words.






Lori is quite cautious when conversing. She’s seen the reaction Garrulous Gary gets when jabbering away about something that could be explained in one sentence.

Potty-mouthed Pete goes on a bit too, you should hear him – on second thoughts, maybe not!

As for Monontonous Mike, ask him the time and when he eventually tells you, another hour’s passed!

Tedious Ted’s the worst. He was going on and on about dreams yesterday and we fell asleep.

As I said, Lori is quite cautious, she’d hate to be called Loquacious! 




23 thoughts on “A tiddly tale…

  1. Suzette Benjamin Jan 21, 2023 / 20:27

    Imaginative and hilarious, Keith. Lori has her wits about her, for sure. The title threw me, I thought tiddly was about having a few pints.


    • Keith's Ramblings Jan 22, 2023 / 17:15

      After a few pints certainly, often very much so, but it also means tiny to me! Thanks so much, Suzette.


      • Suzette Benjamin Jan 22, 2023 / 17:39

        Oh, okay I did not know that it meant tiny. Awesome!!


  2. messymimi's meanderings Jan 22, 2023 / 23:16

    Thanks, i will skip listening to Potty-Mouth Pete 😉

    As Grandpa says when words get in the way of communication, we have a catastrophic state of disarray due to redundancy and semi-loquaciousness.

    Excellent story, great fun!


  3. Bill Jan 23, 2023 / 15:18

    The master does it again. A fun story, Keith.
    It is such a dignified and intelligent way of saying that someone just plain talks too much. 🙂


  4. Sunra Rainz Jan 23, 2023 / 20:51

    And that Keith! He’s right kooky, he is! 😀 Love this, you’re so funny. I always come here for a giggle and I always get one 🙂


  5. Yvonne Plyshette Jan 24, 2023 / 17:44

    Thanks Keith! This made me smile 😊


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