for Six Sentence Stories where the given word is Verge.




I’m on the verge of launching my world-changing invention, something we didn’t realise we needed but will soon wonder how we ever managed without.

It‘ll probably earn me a coveted Nitwit award, the New Invention Winners Trophy, after all, the inventor of the knock-knock joke won a No-bell prize!

Being creative has its disadvantages though, for too often when I’m with a group of friends in the pubby-wub my mind switches from companionable mode to contemplative, usually when it’s my turn to buy a round of drinky-poos which on second thoughts could be considered advantageous!

As I was saying, my invention will change life as we know it and take the world by storm, not literally, of course, I’ll leave that to climate change.

The invention of the pick-axe was groundbreaking as was dynamite, the guy that thought of the wheel was wheely great, and how the inventor of the clock knew what the time was  I can’t imagine, but just wait and see what I’ve got planned!

In the meantime, if you’ve got any suggestions as to what my invention could be, let me know ‘cos right now I don’t have a clue!



Thanks to Denise at GirlieOnTheEdge for hosting.

41 thoughts on “Six!

  1. ladysighs Nov 24, 2022 / 12:33

    Today I am celebrating Thanksgiving Day in the USA. I have been trying to think of something new to be thankful for instead of the same old standard things. Being thankful that you have no clue as to what to invent might be a good option. 😉

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    • Keith's Ramblings Nov 24, 2022 / 15:36

      I’m delighted to have provided you with a slight diversion from the norm!


  2. beth Nov 24, 2022 / 12:53

    you are so funny. p.s you want us to invent your invention for you? that is quite an inventive approach

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      • beth Nov 24, 2022 / 16:19

        brilliant on your part, not so much on the other’s part )

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  3. Christine Goodnough Nov 24, 2022 / 15:30

    This will take some tech smarts, but how about a device for the phone that will automatically screen and delete robotic pest calls. Mankind would bless you!
    A common one here: “This is Revenue Canada. You owe $6000 in back taxes and are about to be arrested. To resolve this issue, press one.” Got one yesterday, some delivery service has tried twice to deliver my package. “Press One” to arrange pickup. And then the same message repeated in Chinese!

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    • Keith's Ramblings Nov 24, 2022 / 15:56

      What a brilliant invention that would be! It seems you get similar messages to me. Only today there is an article in the national press about a telephone scam that criminals have used to con 200,000 people in the UK out of at least £50million.
      Now, let me think….


      • Christine Goodnough Nov 24, 2022 / 16:04

        Sadly, they are all too successful. I just hear of one senior who ultimately paid out $10k to prevent her passport being seized by the govt. Her bank finally questioned the large withdrawals.

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  4. Suzette Benjamin Nov 24, 2022 / 15:33

    Oh hilarious Keith, you had me laughing at “pick-axe was groundbreaking as was dynamite”
    Of course its obvious you could invent a…pundulum 🤣

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  5. imnobodywhoareyou Nov 24, 2022 / 16:05

    I’m still waiting for someone to perfect AI, particularly mind writing techniques, so I can lie on the couch, and dream my blogs straight to the computer, without all the tedious typing.

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    • Keith's Ramblings Nov 24, 2022 / 17:58

      My grandson has just completed a master’s degree at university on that AI kind of thing, I’ll suggest it to him!

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  6. Frank Hubeny Nov 24, 2022 / 17:12

    Nice one. I’ll admit I didn’t get it initially, but now that I do – nice one: “the inventor of the knock-knock joke won a No-bell prize”

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  7. jenne49 Nov 24, 2022 / 22:23

    I think Suzette wins with her ‘pundulum’ suggestion! A clever, funny story, Keith.

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  8. ceayr Nov 25, 2022 / 13:58

    I think you might be too late, Keith, everything’s already been invented.
    Unless you invent something that uninvents stuff so you can re-invent it?

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  9. GirlieOnTheEdge Nov 25, 2022 / 14:59

    I’m imagining you in the “pubby-wub”, feeding your most delightful imagination!
    Thanks, Keith, for the chuckle this rainy day 😁

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    • Keith's Ramblings Nov 25, 2022 / 17:30

      Thanks so much, Denise. I ran a crazy pubby-wub for several years where the jokes flowed faster than the beer!

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  10. clark Nov 25, 2022 / 15:47


    Reading your Sixes reminds me of the feeling I had driving with high school friends when the parents are away… exciting, funny and totally without a mature appreciation of the dangers.

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  11. Doug Jacquier Nov 25, 2022 / 18:33

    What a pundemic! Here’s a thought to add to your train that’s clearly being pulled by a loco-motive. Self-cleaning gardening tools that hover in the air around you for you to choose from come the appropriate task and then return themselves to the shed.

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  12. susanrouchard Nov 25, 2022 / 20:59

    Ha,ha. How do you keep the wave upon the sand….. Thanks Keith.


  13. Liz H Nov 27, 2022 / 04:00

    Such s funny, punny guy. You never disappoint!


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