One hundred words…

for Friday Fictioneers!





trish-nankevilles-flowers“They’re strange flowers, what are they?” she asked.

Not the response I’d hoped for from the young lady I was trying to impress. I didn’t know so I made something up. 

“Their Latin name is Porcupinuss  Lookalikus”, I said, trying to sound knowledgeable, “better known as Prickle Petals”.

She had a sniff but got too close, and one of the little devils tickled her nose. I’ve never witnessed a sneeze like it. Ten on the Richter scale! 

To cut a long story short (100 words!) she handed them back, sneezed again, walked off, sneezed again, disappeared from view, sneezed again…




Thanks to Rochelle for hosting and to Trish Nankeville for the photo.

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45 thoughts on “One hundred words…

  1. rochellewisoff Sep 14, 2022 / 13:57

    Dear Keith,

    Porcupinus Lookalikus. Now that’s thinking on his feet. 😉 Oh my. Poor girl. I feel her pain in the most literal sense. In fact we went in similar directions this week. Please pass the tissues.



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  2. Iain Kelly Sep 14, 2022 / 14:59

    And that, as they say, was the end of that! Enjoyable chuckle as always Keith.

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  3. Suzette Benjamin Sep 14, 2022 / 17:10

    At least his grand gesture and botanical know-how was nothing to sneeze at. A fun tale, Keith. Made me chuckle 😃 Thank you.

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  4. Bear Sep 14, 2022 / 19:04

    Funny when you crack yourself up trying to read what you wrote, isn’t it. Loved this. Needed that laugh, too. Thanks!

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  5. Inside the Mind of Isadora Sep 14, 2022 / 19:48

    It may be best to check if someone has allergies next time.
    Nah … it’s more fun to watch them sneeze. LOL … terrible, I know.
    I enjoyed this, Keith. I even had a chuckle or two on the names.
    Isadora 😎

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    • Keith's Ramblings Sep 15, 2022 / 11:47

      ‘Have you got any allergies?’ isn’t a very good chat-up line! I agree, sneezers can be very amusing!

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      • Inside the Mind of Isadora Sep 15, 2022 / 19:09

        Hubby is an allergy sneezer … and … it is funny, but I really shouldn’t snicker. 😀


  6. msjadeli Sep 15, 2022 / 04:27

    Some people see flowers and smile and others see a nightmare. I pity the latter. Good story and it was great to hear you laughing as you told it.

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  7. granonine Sep 15, 2022 / 15:41

    I think I would have laughed with you and just enjoyed the flowers. But maybe I wouldn’t have tried to sniff them 🙂

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  8. Bill Sep 15, 2022 / 20:11

    You were so close, Keith. Pincushions. 🙂 In any case, allergies rule. Another fun story well-done by the master. 🙂


  9. Bernadette Braganza Sep 16, 2022 / 11:10

    Maybe she shouldn’t have sniffed in the first place 🤷 At least he knows what not to get her the next time, hopefully.

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  10. James McEwan Sep 17, 2022 / 19:44

    Oh dear, was it the flowers that she reacted to or the wide, wide bluffomous. Try chocolates next time, you know; sweetamos chocolomous or a box of milkuss trayiamum. Fun as always.

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  11. creatingahome Sep 18, 2022 / 09:59

    Safe to say that did not go to plan.
    Allergy alert before a date might help.
    Lovely story made me chuckle.


  12. Tessa Sep 19, 2022 / 00:36

    Bet she was sorry she ever sniffed that flower. Pretty though I am sure it was hard to resist smelling it.


  13. authorfleurl Sep 19, 2022 / 00:58

    LOL! This is me…when I start to sneeze, it’s loud and often, like a machine gun lol. It’s genetic, my mum n dad did too. Loved this, a good chuckle!


  14. Michael Humphris Sep 20, 2022 / 09:45

    What a sneeze, I even heard it here.🙂


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