It’s Sunday again

For The Sunday Muse





“I’m bored with this game Henry,” said Queen Matilda. “It’s time we stopped bickering with our abominable neighbours and took them on in battle once and for all”.

“I agree dearest”,  said the King,  “it needs to be resolved”.

Hours later he met with his senior Knights.

“Your Majesty,” said Sir Thomas “I understand the Rooks have flown our foe’s palace, a sign of certain calamity so it is expedient we throw down the gauntlet without delay”.

Days later Henry’s army stood atop a hill facing the enemy across the valley. The Bishop sat upon his steed before the heavily armoured Pawns and made the sign of the cross.

“For God, King and country, go forward” commanded Sir Thomas.

His opening gambit paid off and soon the battle was over. Henry was victorious. He turned to his battle-weary soldiers.

“Checkmate” he yelled.




CHESS QUEENThanks to Carrie for hosting.

26 thoughts on “It’s Sunday again

  1. wyndolynne Sep 11, 2022 / 13:52

    This just brought a smile to my face. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Carrie V. H. Sep 12, 2022 / 05:04

    You brought the chess board to life in your tale Keith! It is always a delight to read your stories!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. susanrouchard Sep 12, 2022 / 13:49

    Beautifully written. Your chess graphics is dauntingly well rendered.


  4. michnavs Sep 12, 2022 / 16:51

    I love your reading and your story itself..


  5. msjadeli Sep 12, 2022 / 17:48

    Bravo, Keith. Perfect as literal or metaphorical. Your reading brings the story to life.


  6. Susie Clevenger Sep 12, 2022 / 21:58

    Love it! Love it! Your reading of it was a delightful cherry on the top!


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