16 thoughts on “Hi, it’s me!

  1. stevebethere Mar 8, 2022 / 10:21

    Wow! what a fab photos enjoy your time in Dubai 🙂

    Have a holidaytastic week 👍

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  2. hilarymb Mar 8, 2022 / 12:58

    Hi Keith – brilliant – looking forward to the pics and stories – just enjoy …cheers Hilary from a sunny E/b!!

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  3. amandacatsynth Mar 9, 2022 / 17:13

    Always been fascinated by the modern and eclectic architecture of Dubai. I hope to visit someday.

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  4. Emille Mar 9, 2022 / 18:41

    Oh, this is where you are – I started wondering, because you got back to my blog every week. Hope you’re having a grand time with your son!

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  5. Prior... Mar 23, 2022 / 13:24

    So that is what some
    Of the oil money goes to-///
    Art and more art!


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