Forty-two words

for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt where the given word is Flummox and the limit, just 42 words. 


If you are not among the millions worldwide that play WORDLE every day, I’m afraid you may be a little  flummoxed by what follows!




They should rename Wordle, Flummox!

Right, here goes.

First row, all grey.

Second row, yellow S and U! Yea!

Third row, green P! Wow!

Fourth row, yellow M, U and T, green S and P!

Last line, think, think …

No, I’m stumped! 



You can have a go at today’s WORDLE here –

23 thoughts on “Forty-two words

  1. pensitivity101 Feb 5, 2022 / 15:45

    Good one Keith.
    I got the wordle in 2 today……….. lucky guess with my first attempt, all the right letters but only two in the wrong place! usually it’s 3, sometimes 4.

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    • Keith's Ramblings Feb 5, 2022 / 16:09

      So did I, how about that! I can’t remember ever getting it in 2 before! I got three right first go – where the other two popped up from I’ve no idea!

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  2. Sadje Feb 5, 2022 / 15:49

    No thank you! Not going to get another addiction!
    Nice take though.

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      • Sadje Feb 5, 2022 / 16:13

        I’ve a tendency to get addicted to games. And as I already have a few games that “I have to” play, I’d rather not add to them. 😂

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  3. Denise Feb 5, 2022 / 16:11

    Hmmm. My comment disappeared. Anyway, I play Spelling Bee everday and some commenters have mentioned WORDLE. I just tried it and got it in four. I am a Sudoku junkie and not sure I need another puzzle – but maybe, lol.

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    • Keith's Ramblings Feb 5, 2022 / 16:22

      It’s the very first thing I do every morning, turns the ‘ole grey cells yellow and green!

      * Your original comment dropped into my ‘pending’ box, something that’s never happened before!


  4. hilarymb Feb 5, 2022 / 17:21

    Hi Keith – congratulations on the prompt for today … Wordle is quite fun – but I think I’m already bored … I nearly didn’t do it this morning. Cheers though – Hilary

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    • Keith's Ramblings Feb 5, 2022 / 17:34

      I love it, it just takes a few minutes and sets me up for the day! Each to their own I guess! Thanks, Hilary.

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      • hilarymb Feb 5, 2022 / 17:39

        I agree – but it’s too easy … ridiculous to say … actually today was the only one I took 4 goes to get it finished … ah well – as you say each to their own … cheers Hilary

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  5. Bill Feb 6, 2022 / 09:44

    Now I’m hopelessly confused. Well done, Keith. Wine, please.

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  6. writingwhatnots Feb 6, 2022 / 10:52

    Only heard about Wordle the other day – apparently the guy who created it made it for his girlfriend. (Makes a change from a bunch of roses!). Nice use of the prompt.

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      • Dale Feb 8, 2022 / 02:43

        And now a millionnaire as the New York times just bought it for 7 figures…


  7. Dale Feb 8, 2022 / 02:44

    Excellent take on the prompt! I got it in three this morning… Sometimes it goes our way, other times, not so much. LIke having four right letters three times in a row but choosing the wrong options!


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