Seventy-five words

for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt where the given word is Widdershins and the limit, 75 words .




“Keef?” he asked. “I’m drivin’ you to the airport”.

I jumped in.

“I’m Widdy,” he said heading off in the wrong direction. 

“Unusual name,” said I as he drove the opposite way down a one-way street.

“Short for Widdershins,” he said, attempting an anti-clockwise circuit of a roundabout.”

“Why Widdershins?” I asked as we entered the park via the exit. 

“Something to with me being born bum-first,” he said directing me towards the wrong gate.


By the way,  widdershins means in the wrong or contrary direction, or anticlockwise! 

23 thoughts on “Seventy-five words

      • Na'ama Yehuda Jan 23, 2022 / 16:24

        🙂 The son of friends of mine asked his parents for a end-of-college gift – a ticket to the place of THEIR choice, as a surprise to him. He didn’t know where he was going to until he reached the airport. (His mama did, of course, so she made sure he had rain-gear in a bag she handed him at the airport… they sent him to the Scottish Highlands for two weeks. He had a (cool misty rainy) blast.

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      • Keith's Ramblings Jan 23, 2022 / 16:40

        What a great idea! I’m sure he had a wonderful time. Before my daughter moved to Scotland a few years ago I’d never been there – it’s like a very damp Heaven on Earth!


  1. brittabenson Jan 23, 2022 / 16:23

    Love your take on widdershins. Makes me wonder: If you take the wrong turn often enough, then surely you’re bound to end up in the right place.

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  2. Bill Jan 23, 2022 / 16:51

    Mr. Widdershins, I presume. I used to have a saying, “You can’t be lost if you don’t care where you’re going.” Might apply here. Another of Keith’s clever and witty creations.

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