30 thoughts on “A note!

  1. Sadje Jan 6, 2022 / 17:00

    Lovely story Keith. Kids are ambitious like that. 😂

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  2. Doug Jacquier Jan 6, 2022 / 22:47

    Hilariously poignant, Keith. Yes, little Keith, aeroplanes do have hooters but they’re muted by nose cones. 😉

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  3. jenne49 Jan 6, 2022 / 23:54

    Excellent, Keith. You get the child’s voice just right. What a great take on the prompt.

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  4. GirlieOnTheEdge Jan 7, 2022 / 02:49

    It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from one of the “kids” at the Six, Keith. Delightfully fun!

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  5. Marlapaige Jan 7, 2022 / 15:09

    I LOVE the style. The format, the cross off because irritating was hard to spell. I love the memory of having such random goals. I never wanted to be a ballerina or anything like that growing up. I wanted to rule the universe from a quiet log cabin in a nice spacious plot of beautiful land with horses. I was of the opinion that anyone who could keep horses happy would be able to keep the universe from going to war, and I was just the girl to pull it off. I had heard alot about starving children in Timbuktu, and I decided that part of my reign would be that every one with children go grocery shopping, and all of the healthy stuff that the kids refused to eat should be sent directly to the starving nations. They would be getting the healthy food that the kids in the good countries didn’t want so no food was wasted. I had to hear about how lining up was the most important thing in the world and not to step out of the line (as if a snake would bite you in the school hallway or something). I wanted to control the universe and make it so that no one had to line up or get yelled at for talking in the boring line. Instead, I thought we could have moving walkways. People are forced to sort of line up on those and kind of stay quiet without it feeling like you’re being bossed around all the time for just breathing.
    Oh, I had plans!!! LoL

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    • Keith's Ramblings Jan 7, 2022 / 16:48

      You certainly did have plans, make my little chap’s dreams seem quite mundane! You had some great ideas too, just a bit difficult to achieve.


      • Marlapaige Jan 8, 2022 / 03:38

        I don’t know about great, just really big for a really little kid. And I honestly think that if all of the children got together and put their minds to it, they could be stubborn enough to feed the starving nations. One kid telling their mother “yuck!“ doesn’t do anything, but an entire nation of children saying it at the same time, and sending care packages to those countries, can do a lot. At heart, I’m just a big version of the girl I used to be when I was little.


  6. clark Jan 7, 2022 / 21:52

    I’m with the others… most excellent ‘voice’
    (Not to mention the graphic presentation which totally added depth to this Six)
    but my favorite element (as someone else alluded to was the ‘very, very cross’ pleasingly archaic and easily ‘heard’.


  7. Liz H Jan 10, 2022 / 01:00

    Accessing your inner child, I see. Makes for the best vacation ever, I think!


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