A sixty-second story

for Sadje’s What Do You See? photo prompt.



She was accident prone, but somehow always escaped unscathed.  Catherine was known as Cat to her friends. ‘You’ve got nine lives’ they’d say as she recovered from yet another accident.

This time, however, it was somewhat more serious.  A simple slip in her kitchen left her with a dreadful injury to her head.


Her anxious family gathered around the hospital bed. They were warned to expect the worst, but they didn’t want to believe it.  So when Cat’s eyes slowly closed, their grief was overwhelming.

‘It’s not over yet’ thought Cat as she drifted away.


The window was ajar.  A kitten crept through the narrow gap and leapt from the sill to a bench.  It carefully picked its way between some unwashed pots and pans. 

‘I said it wasn’t over’ she purred as she licked clean a plate. 







18 thoughts on “A sixty-second story

  1. Sadje Jan 3, 2022 / 14:59

    A happy ending! Great story Keith. Thanks for joining in.

    Liked by 1 person

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