An adventure story …

for Friday Fictioneers.



Why did I let her persuade me? She knows I suffer from seasickness. 

Mind over matter.  That’s it.  Say it.  I won’t, I won’t, I won’t throw up.

I’ll hold on tight. That feels better.  I’ll be okay. 

No no no, we are going down!

Eeeeeek … we’re going up! 

Ooooooo … I left my tummy behind!

Be brave.  Soon be over, nearly there, not much longer.

Take a deep breath, breathe, breathe.

That’s better, not rolling so much now. 

Wrong … help ….!

Thank goodness, it’s over at last. Help me ashore, please.

We’re never hiring a paddleboat again!

teds-eye-viewThanks to Rochelle for hosting and to Ted Strutz for the picture.

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61 thoughts on “An adventure story …

  1. Bear Nov 10, 2021 / 14:56

    I can empathize and laugh at the same time. My first night at sea we had 30ft waves, came within 5degrees of capsizing, and I thought for sure I was going to die. I stood mid-decks with one hand on the top of a belaying pin, and one on the bottom half…and I had a death grip. I saw the sea. I saw the sky. I thought for sure I was going to die the entire time. Captain came down to check on me. Tried the ole’ “You’re only a mile from land” routine… didn’t work, I knew that mile was straight down. Also told me “this is the closest you’ll ever feel to death and still live”… don’t know about the validity of that, I’ve felt closer since. The next night, when the storm hit again, I was running barefoot up and down the deck, working sails and laughing at the pitch and yaw. What a difference one little seasick patch behind the ear can make. LOL! Great story, the way you told it, it was entirely believeable.

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    • Keith's Ramblings Nov 10, 2021 / 17:27

      I can’t even imagine what that must have been like. Thank goodness storm 2 didn’t have the same effect on you. Thanks so much, Bear.

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  2. ain Nov 10, 2021 / 16:57

    Ah the things we do for love….

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  3. Denise Nov 10, 2021 / 16:58

    HA! A paddleboat. I did not see that coming. I was thinking about my cruise from Athens to Dubrovnik when even the crew got sick and they shut down the kitchen.

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    • Keith's Ramblings Nov 10, 2021 / 17:58

      Wow, that must have been quite an adventure – even though you did go hungry!


  4. pennygadd51 Nov 10, 2021 / 19:03

    Haha! You got a giggle from me today, Keith. Lovely little twist at the end. I really am that seasick, though, and it’s no fun. I once had to disembark hurriedly from a moored yacht in a sheltered harbour because I felt seasick!

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  5. jenne49 Nov 10, 2021 / 19:10

    Excellent! But if I was the narrator, I’d ditch her – unless she’s really worth it! – making him do something she knows makes him seasick! 😉 My worst experience? Crossing the Channel on a stormy night with a class of seasick French schoolchildren!

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    • Keith's Ramblings Nov 11, 2021 / 12:51

      When I lived in Northern France I used the ferry weekly for work and I saw an awful lot of green-face kids!


  6. Dale Nov 10, 2021 / 19:34

    Haha! Yours is my guy’s inner thoughts! 😉
    Poor bugger.

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  7. Michael Nov 10, 2021 / 20:08

    Loved hearing you read this.

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  8. rochellewisoff Nov 10, 2021 / 22:19

    Dear Keith,

    Delightful story and reading. Although I could feel my own tummy roiling with the paddleboat. 😀




  9. plaridel Nov 11, 2021 / 00:49

    i guess it’s not for everyone, but i guess he doesn’t have a choice. 🙂

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  10. dorahak Nov 11, 2021 / 03:02

    A paddleboat, eh? Can’t stop laughing! But those waves do get choppy close to shore, ya know. ;>)

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  11. James McEwan Nov 11, 2021 / 08:22

    The agony some people go through for a day out is hilarious for us. Although, I share the unwarranted fear as the water seeping into my paddle boat meant wet feet and constant bailing water out.

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  12. Bill Nov 14, 2021 / 11:03

    Wow. I cannot imagine. More wonderful humor, Keith. 🙂


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