Fourscore words

for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt where the given word is Tether and the limit, eighty words.




Arthur tethered his horse to the fence.

‘What a splendid machine Hector’.

‘Indeed Arthur. The latest thing, motorcars. Soon everyone will own one’.

Hector swung the starting handle. The engine spluttered into life enshrouding Arthur in a cloud of black exhaust. After wiping his streaming eyes he emerged resembling a startled panda.

‘Heaven forbid Hector. The countryside will disappear under all this filthy smoke’.

Arthur’s horse dumped a pile of steaming excrement beside Hector’s clattering automobile then off they trotted.



20 thoughts on “Fourscore words

  1. susanrouchard Jul 3, 2021 / 14:46

    Dear Keith, have you ever read theAlexander Mc CallSmith series ?
    First one Corduroy Mansions set in London
    Other two set in Edinburg. The Bertie series and the Isabel Dalhousie series.
    All three full of day to day wisdom set in simple dealings with others. Host of different characters and points of view. Great dialogues and silent thoughts.
    Think you would enjoy them. Plenty to choose from, and inspiring.

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    • Keith's Ramblings Jul 3, 2021 / 14:52

      I haven’t Susan but from what you’ve said they sound right up my street! Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll be sure to seek them out.

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  2. Na'ama Yehuda Jul 3, 2021 / 17:43

    Ha ha! One is ‘recyclable’… one is not … 😉 But, hey, I’m sure the motorcar will never catch up … 😉

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  3. jenne49 Jul 3, 2021 / 20:22

    Now if only the world had listened to Arthur… Although probably horse excrement would be ruining the planet too! Good wee piece, Keith.

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  4. messymimi's meanderings Jul 3, 2021 / 23:20

    Ah, i do wish we had stuck to horses and our own two feet to get us where we need to go. Somehow i think the world would be a better place.

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  5. hilarymb Jul 4, 2021 / 09:39

    Hi Keith – so much change in 120 years … it is interesting to think back, and now to think forward … what will be ancient history then? Cheers Hilary

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    • Keith's Ramblings Jul 4, 2021 / 13:56

      I often wonder that myself Hilary! When I tell my grandkids what I got up to at their age they probably think that’s ancient history!

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  6. Bill Jul 12, 2021 / 18:26

    Excellent, Keith. I want so bad to rewrite this in my local (Texas) vernacular. 🙂

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  7. Dale Jul 30, 2021 / 02:14

    Cloud of smoke? Nah… it will never catch on!


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