Six sentences …

for the Six Sentence Stories where the given word is Alternative.




I’m about to make the biggest decision of my life so I need a plan of action.

I’ll have to buy a diamond ring, but should it be flashy, sophisticated or understated? 

Then where to do it, should it be in a smart restaurant, somewhere in the countryside or in the pub on a busy night?

The most popular way to propose must be by going down on one knee, but I might have difficulty getting up again so I’ll have to consider some alternative methods. 

As for when, that’s a difficult one and will depend on when I can spare the time.

That just leaves the most important question of all, should the lucky lady be Jane or Mary or Sally or Maggie or … ?  



Thanks to GirlieOnTheEdge for hosting.


44 thoughts on “Six sentences …

  1. UP Jul 1, 2021 / 13:45

    Big choices require lots of thought and preparation. Good six.

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  2. Susan St.Pierre Jul 1, 2021 / 14:34

    Certainly, the character never varies from his trait for being unable to make decisions. LOL
    Excellent Six!

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  3. Christine Goodnough Jul 1, 2021 / 15:55

    Jane…Mary…Sally…Maggie.. Sounds like you live in a seniors’ complex. 🙂 Yeah, definitely go easy on the old knees.

    If the choice is difficult, be practical: marry the lady with the most congenial offspring, the ones you want to spend time with.

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    • Keith's Ramblings Jul 1, 2021 / 16:50

      Now that’s a very good idea! I’ll interview their families then decide! As for the senior’s complex, how very dare you!

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      • Christine Goodnough Jul 1, 2021 / 20:04

        Whoops! my bad. 😦
        Actually, I’m looking forward to living in a seniors’ complex. I can visit, play Scrabble and do jigsaw puzzles all day. 😉 The stairs are great exercise, too — unless the elevator fails when you have four bags of groceries to carry up. 🙂

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      • Keith's Ramblings Jul 2, 2021 / 16:39

        I’ve got 60 steps and no elevator to my flat now, so I do my shopping a bit at a time!

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  4. Denise Jul 1, 2021 / 16:01

    Well, I did not see that end coming. Lucky you to have so many choices.

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  5. Frank Hubeny Jul 2, 2021 / 02:58

    I like not being able to stand up after getting on one’s knee and not knowing what her name should be.

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  6. GirlieOnTheEdge Jul 2, 2021 / 21:18

    My first reaction is “that’s not such a bad a predicament to be in”. But then I realized…yeah it is! lol
    Quick pace sets the reader up nicely for the surprise ending 🙂

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  7. Astrid Jul 2, 2021 / 22:56

    I laughed out loud at your last sentence. This guy definitely has a problem making decisions.

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  8. ceayr Jul 3, 2021 / 14:27

    Reminds me of The Beautiful South’s Song for Whoever.
    And I think your questions are irrelevant.
    She’ll say no, regardless.
    Nae luck, pal!

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    • Keith's Ramblings Jul 3, 2021 / 15:02

      I’ve not heard that in a while.
      No doubt he’ll keep working his way though his lady-list until one says yes, or not!


  9. Liz H Jul 3, 2021 / 16:44

    Glad there’s no rush on this… best to take one’s time, eh? Lol!

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  10. jenne49 Jul 3, 2021 / 19:11

    Did you hear me laughing, Keith? Brilliant. Neatly done. I do like an optimist.

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