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My friend Rosey was telling me about an ornament she bought as a gift for her Grandad’s ninetieth.  Being fragile, she covered it in bubble-wrap before mailing it.  She was horrified how much it cost to send.

She saw a girl clutching a helium balloon which was straining skyward, and had an idea. If bubble-wrap was filled with helium, packages would be lighter!

I said if her bra was filled with helium, her boobs would sag less and she’d weigh less too! I got a slap.

Then she adopted her profound expression and said, ‘every day’s a gift. that’s why it’s called the present.




Thanks to Rochelle for hosting and for providing this week’s picture of a gift shop in Wilmington NC (thanks also to Google!)

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61 thoughts on “A few words …

  1. Iain Kelly Sep 9, 2020 / 19:18

    A fully deserved slap, although I’m not sure about the helium-filled packaging!

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  2. Christine Goodnough Sep 9, 2020 / 22:21

    I suspect that some scene like your remark and Rosie’s response was the origin, back in the mists of time, of the expression “wise crack.”

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  3. rochellewisoff Sep 10, 2020 / 02:44

    Dear Keith,

    You had that slap coming. Rosey must have a forgiving nature to let you off with only that. Interesting idea about helium. 😉 And aren’t you smart? Finding that shop in Wilmington. Correctamundo. The sign caught my eye and i had to take a picture. And then thought, wouldn’t it make a dandy prompt? voila!



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    • Keith's Ramblings Sep 10, 2020 / 13:09

      From what I read on line it certainly is a fascinating shop. It makes a perfect prompt as it sends us all in different directions. And don’t worry, Rosey quite enjoys being the butt of jokes!

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  4. plaridel Sep 10, 2020 / 03:39

    for sure, rosey can take a joke. i wonder what would be her comeback. 🙂

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  5. Sue Sep 10, 2020 / 11:58

    A well deserved slap, I’d say! Fun read, Keith😊

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  6. Bill Sep 10, 2020 / 15:40

    That would be “…Rosie, The Queen of Corona,” right? Fun story. Fun slap, if ya ask me.
    Another cheerie story by Keith.

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  7. ceayr Sep 10, 2020 / 20:18

    I think the expression ‘Her heid’s fu’ o’ mince’ applies here, Keith.
    Fun stuff

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  8. draliman Sep 11, 2020 / 14:48

    Firstly, you deserved that slap. Secondly, I reckon those are wise words from Rosie!

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  9. pennygadd51 Sep 11, 2020 / 18:51

    I always enjoy a Rosey story! The bubblewrap idea sounds interesting, but I feel sure the postal service would catch on quickly and find a way of charging for helium packed parcels.

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  10. James McEwan Sep 11, 2020 / 19:58

    Rosey and her ideas -eh. Mind you, making a comment about her weight and boobs was asking for a slap.

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  11. Mike Sep 11, 2020 / 22:13

    You had me smiling, and that’s no mean task.

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  12. Sandra Sep 13, 2020 / 08:52

    I’d say you got off lightly with the slap. Some guys may not be able to walk after a remark like that. 🙂

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  13. Anita Sep 14, 2020 / 13:37

    That’s a business idea! Brainy Rosey 🙂
    Not a ‘light’ slap though; it was a tight slap 🙂

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