A conversation …

for Friday Fictioneers



Nonsense she said. Honestly, I said, I went around the corner and it was like Glasgow in the twenties. Trams, old trucks and ancient cars I said, and an urchin. What’s an urchin she said. An antique kid I said. Then she said I’d been drinking again, the cheeky mare. I said I had, but just a wee dram. Drinking wee-wee she chuckled. You know what I mean I said. Anyway, I can prove it ‘cos I took a picture on my phone I said. Show me then she said, so I tippity-tapped the screen and … I accidentally deleted it.  It’s true though, honestly.


Thanks to Rochelle for hosting and to CEAyr for the picture.


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70 thoughts on “A conversation …

  1. Iain Kelly Sep 2, 2020 / 13:43

    Not far off a conversation you might here on a Saturday night in Glasgow after a few drams have been consumed! Good fun Keith.

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      • Iain Kelly Sep 2, 2020 / 14:13

        Amazing, I was there last in February, in fact the last bar I visited before lockdown came along!

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  2. neilmacdon Sep 2, 2020 / 13:45

    Are you dauncin’. I said. No, she said, it’s just the way I’m staundin’

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  3. rochellewisoff Sep 2, 2020 / 14:00

    Dear Keith,

    I could hear this conversation. Easy enough to lose photos on the phone isn’t it? Love it.



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    • Keith's Ramblings Sep 2, 2020 / 14:51

      Tell me about it! On a special trip, I always take my little cheap back up camera and double-take just in case!


  4. msjadeli Sep 2, 2020 / 20:13

    Quite charming, Keith. You have an eagle eye as I didn’t see the person was snapping a picture. Great froggie couple also 🙂

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  5. Dora Sep 2, 2020 / 21:47

    LOL. She’ll go home talking about the guy with the tall tale to tell for sure. Nicely done dialogue.

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  6. messymimi's meanderings Sep 3, 2020 / 02:51

    Hmmm, did he step back in time, or not? Maybe it’s best to not know, don’t want to change our future by messing things up back then.

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  7. J.A. Prentice Sep 3, 2020 / 05:13

    There’s a clear sense of voice and character in the writing here. Like we’re listening to the narrator tell us the story in a pub over a few drinks. Great stuff.

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  8. Tannille Sep 3, 2020 / 05:46

    Hmmm try cloud storage. Some images are forever. Haha. Great cheeky tone!

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  9. Anita Sep 3, 2020 / 06:23

    Pics speak more than a thousand words.
    I focused on the photographer too in my story!
    If you have an iPhone, deleted pics can be restored 🙂

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  10. Bill Sep 3, 2020 / 15:23

    Oh, so that’s what she said, is it now? Well tuned to good humor, Keith. 🙂

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  11. Sue Sep 3, 2020 / 16:56

    Great writing and conversation in this story, Keith! I think I’ll go pour myself a ‘wee dram’ 🙂

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  12. Dale Sep 3, 2020 / 18:37

    I love this, Keith! I can just hear him telling the tale to any who would listen (at the barstool beside him, I like to think)…

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    • Keith's Ramblings Sep 4, 2020 / 08:54

      That’s exactly what I had in mind Dale! I heard many a conversation along those lines when I was serving behind the bar in my pub days.

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  13. Laurie Bell Sep 4, 2020 / 01:38

    Hahaha I enjoyed this… who is telling the truth? That wee dram might have been larger than admitted to 😉

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  14. Mike Sep 4, 2020 / 23:55

    Being teetotal, I was slow off the mark, till I added the nectar ‘whisky‘ into my tea. Following up with a another and anot h e r r r r

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  15. Nobbinmaug Sep 5, 2020 / 02:42

    That was great! What a fun story. I loved this line: “An antique kid I said.”

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