Sixty-seven words …

for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt




‘She’s a wonderful daughter.  I changed my will yesterday,  she deserves everything.  She’s just brought my warm milk and pills.  They look different today.  The doctor probably changed them’. 

The chair creaks as she gently rocks him.  His breathing slows. The glass shatters upon impact with the floor.  Trying to speak, his slurred words fade, he drifts away. 

No need to visit tomorrow.  She turns, smiles, leaves.





37 thoughts on “Sixty-seven words …

  1. messymimi's meanderings Aug 23, 2020 / 14:09

    It is worth waiting and loving, always. Those who choose such evil paths complain when they reap what they have sown. It plays out, every time.

    Well told!

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  2. rochellewisoff Aug 23, 2020 / 14:14

    Dear Keith,

    I had a feeling about her from the first sentence. Well done. As always, you amaze me with the graphics. 😀



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  3. Na'ama Yehuda Aug 23, 2020 / 15:26

    Oy vey. I thought this was where it was going, and in 67 words, I didn’t have long to wait … 😉
    Full story in a small package. Nicely done! (not so nice for the man …)

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  4. Bill Aug 23, 2020 / 17:27

    Nicely done, Keith.
    I am going to assume that she assisted with his departure at his request, and with the pharmaceutical guidance of the physician. 🙂

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  5. Dale Aug 23, 2020 / 19:28

    Not so wonderful and a tad impatient to get her inheritance. Be careful, you awful person, karma is a bitch…
    Well done!

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  6. Ashley Coulthard Aug 24, 2020 / 02:53

    Hello! I’m a first-time visitor and already, you’ve got me by the gut! I enjoyed reading this.


  7. Christine Goodnough Aug 24, 2020 / 03:27

    Well and miserly worded. Sad tale though. When she get old, she’ll remember, and always wonder what might be in her warm milk.

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  8. hilarymb Aug 26, 2020 / 09:35

    Hi Keith – yes I hope she has a guilt complex and will forever be anxious/worried … good tale though – stay safe – Hilary

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