60 thoughts on “A few snaps …

  1. rugby843 Jun 8, 2020 / 17:48

    I could go rock hunting on that beach for a long time. 

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  2. msjadeli Jun 8, 2020 / 19:52

    Surprising those flowers are swarmed with bees and butterflies. The contrast between the textures of the rocks and the colors of the blossoms up against them is striking. Very nice photos.

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  3. Christine Goodnough Jun 8, 2020 / 22:10

    Lovely scenes.Those rocks are so smooth and white! They’d be so nice to paint on.

    Note to self: “Thou shalt not covet.” But…could you mail me just a few of the bigger ones??

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    • Keith's Ramblings Jun 9, 2020 / 16:22

      Strictly speaking, you shouldn’t take them, but between you and me, I’ve got quite a few on my balcony! I’ll check the postal rate!”


  4. messymimi's meanderings Jun 8, 2020 / 23:54

    While i’ve seen white cliffs in the distance, i have never had the chance to get so close. Thank you for the look as this beautiful place!

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    • Keith's Ramblings Jun 9, 2020 / 16:25

      They really are magical and although they are on my doorstep I never tire of wandering along them, above and below.


  5. stevebethere Jun 9, 2020 / 14:49

    What lovely photos would be nice to go out lol

    Have a pebbletastic safe week 😷😷😷

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    • Keith's Ramblings Jun 9, 2020 / 16:31

      I’m allowed to go there now – yeah! Not allowed to get stoned there though!


  6. Anagha Yatin Jun 10, 2020 / 02:14

    The white of the background, the green of the leaves and the pink of the blossom are all perfect match to each other. Nature is a great artist!

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    • Keith's Ramblings Jun 11, 2020 / 10:28

      It’s a lovely place and not that many people go there, mainly because it requires a fair bit of climbing and clambering!


  7. Kathe W. Jun 10, 2020 / 23:34

    wowee….love the rocks and the pink flowers standing out in front of the cliffs!

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  8. christinamorley Jun 11, 2020 / 10:24

    Beautiful! I love the color contrasts, but I think my favorite is the photo of just the white rocks in different shades of white and grey. Thanks for linking on Amanda’s Books and More!

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  9. Natasha Jun 11, 2020 / 12:18

    Another surreal walk by your beach. I adore those pink blooms. What are they called?

    Ah! and those pebbles! Need I say more. 🙂

    Have a good week ahead, Keith. And I just noticed, Rosey is back with a bang, eh? :)))))

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  10. hilarymb Jun 11, 2020 / 17:57

    Hi Keith – stunning photos … and yes the chalk shoreline is always interesting … all the best – Hilary

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  11. UP Jun 11, 2020 / 21:36

    Haven’t been here in a while…I need to come back more often. good post.

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  12. TravelerInMe Jun 15, 2020 / 07:24

    The pink flowers add so much charm to the white beach. The contrast makes both of them stand out.

    I like how some pebbles have been kept to do the balancing act 🙂 Did you indulge in it Keith or you chanced upon it ?

    Looking forward to more photos from your walks this week 🙂

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