A short story …

for Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompt



The rising sun shines silver through an early morning mist.  Droplets of dew glisten on blades of grass which quiver in the breath of a gentle spring breeze.  A walk beside the lake.  Just one man and his dog. 

So peaceful.

In distant houses, alarms wake folk from their slumbers.  Soon the quiet will be shattered by cars spluttering into life, children shouting goodbye as they pile into buses. The endless drone of the city beyond will provide a soundtrack to the wearisome working day.

But for now, it’s peaceful,  so very peaceful.

He stops to watch a mother duck proudly floating across the lake, her precious babies paddling frantically in her wake.  

Behind a fence, brightly coloured slides and seesaws enjoy the last minutes of solitude before chattering mothers propel their shrieking offspring through the gate in bag-laden buggies.  Swings move lazily back and forth awaiting their first passengers of the day.

He wishes it could always be as peaceful as this.

Soon the chugging mower and rumbling roller will be trundling back and forth preparing the green for the cricketers.  The crack of leather on willow will be music to the ears of the white-attired gentlemen as they bat, catch and run.  Their proud ladies will make cucumber sandwiches, pour endless cups of tea and butter home-baked scones.

He turns and walks into the copse.  Sunrays, like silver spears, pierce the swaying branches.   The dog scampers this way and that, then off into the trees.  A few minutes more and they’ll be home.  He’ll hand the park back to his neighbours for another noise-filled day.

A jarring thump. He shoots forward and stumbles to the ground. A heavy boot flies into his face as someone tears at his pockets then drags the watch from his wrist. 

The peace is shattered.

The dog rushes to defend its master, the silence assaulted by frenzied barking and the terrified cries of the assailant who suddenly becomes the victim.  He limps away then disappears.

Peace returns.

Quiet, but for the whimpering faithful hound as he sits beside his master, licking his face, willing him to recover.

Alone in the park.  Just one man and his dog. 

So peaceful.



20 thoughts on “A short story …

  1. pensitivity101 Feb 20, 2020 / 16:46

    Oh Keith, the scum of society prey on the weak , aged and defenceless. And the faithful hound staying with his master, brought tears. Well told my friend. (and I hope the dog bite wounds go septic)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Christine Goodnough Feb 20, 2020 / 17:09

    Well played out, but what a twist of ending to such a serene scene! And for all that violence the assailant probably wouldn’t have gotten much.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sadje Feb 20, 2020 / 17:35

    A gripping story. I’m glad the dog was there to rescue.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. willowdot21 Feb 21, 2020 / 13:24

    Gosh Keith I was not expecting that ! Sadly it is all too true in this day and age. Very well written 💜


  5. kittysverses Feb 21, 2020 / 14:02

    Very well described, I enjoyed the descriptions. Pity that he was attacked, but I’m happy that his dog came to the rescue. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Stine Writing Feb 21, 2020 / 14:58

    Haha, your writing almost triggered my PTSD! It was so calm and beautiful then BAM! Wow, talk about a surprise twist.

    Liked by 1 person

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