One hundred words …

for Friday Fictioneers



Old Bert peered out the window.  It was raining, pouring. 

‘Nothing on the telly,  crossword’s done and I’m clean outa’ whisky’,  he muttered.  ‘I’ll have an early night’ .

His ancient joints clicked and crunched as he heaved himself to his feet and tottered to the bedroom.

He bent to massage his aching knees and bumped his head.

‘Ouch,’ he said rubbing his brow.

He climbed beneath the sheets and in minutes old Bert was snoring like a pig. 

Come dawn the only sound to be heard was the pitter-patter of raindrops on the windowpane.

He didn’t get up in the morning.




Any similarity between this tale and a certain nursery rhyme is purely coincidental!

Thanks to Rochelle for hosting and providing this weeks picture.


zzzzClick on Froggie to join in the fun!  Don’t worry about him, this is pure fiction and his name’s not Bert!

74 thoughts on “One hundred words …

  1. rochellewisoff Feb 12, 2020 / 20:13

    Dear Keith,

    Now I can hear Peter, Paul and Mary singing the rhyme, which of course only bears a coincidental resemblance to your story. 😉 Charming. You went above and beyond the call with the frog this week. A hearty 21 ribbet salute! 😀



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    • Keith's Ramblings Feb 13, 2020 / 10:33

      Rochelle, thanks so much for your generous words. Froggie did take quite a bit of work which is why I was later to the party than usual!

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  2. msjadeli Feb 12, 2020 / 22:22

    And no whisky on his lips? He’ll be thirsty in heaven. Great story, Keith.

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  3. Tannille Feb 13, 2020 / 06:55

    Nothing like being in bed on a rainy day. Good choice. All he needs is a cat.

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  4. ceayr Feb 13, 2020 / 13:23

    My grandfather died like Bert, peacefully in his sleep.
    The passengers on his bus weren’t so lucky…

    Liked by 2 people

  5. draliman Feb 13, 2020 / 13:31

    Oh dear, poor Bert. Still, sounds like he had a good innings and he passed peacefully in his bed.

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  6. pennygadd51 Feb 13, 2020 / 15:58

    I wonder if Bert would have been so keen on an early night if he’d realised what was going to happen?

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  7. trentpmcd Feb 13, 2020 / 17:04

    lol, yep, I’m sure it was pure coincidence… Everyone says “dead”, but how dead is the old man who bumped his head when he went to bed since he is still snoring? (The old man “is” snoring, present tense, “went to bed”, past tense….)

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    • Keith's Ramblings Feb 13, 2020 / 17:28

      In my tale, he was snoring loudly after he went to bed, and by dawn, he was silent ie. dead as a dodo which goes to prove that this is not based on another work! Well, not entirely! Okay, just a bit…

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  8. plaridel Feb 13, 2020 / 19:13

    he started snorning and went quietly into the night. what a way to go. 🙂

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  9. Russell Feb 14, 2020 / 02:36

    Maybe a harder bump on the head than he thought, but it sounds like Bert lived a good one!

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  10. Colline Feb 14, 2020 / 12:08

    This is definitely the best way to go. Quietly and without fuss.

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  11. Na'ama Yehuda Feb 14, 2020 / 14:39

    If one’s gotta go, that’s not a bad way to go … Asleep, in one’s own bed … snug as a bug in a rug while the weather’s ucky outside …
    (Also, tell Froggy to wave – I think that if he did, I’d see his little green hand waving from one of the windows here, because they weather’s freezy!)

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  12. Alicia Jamtaas Feb 14, 2020 / 19:53

    Even though Bert ends up dead in the end, this is kind of a gentle story. A good way to go!

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  13. michaelwynnauthor Feb 15, 2020 / 13:30

    Poor Bert, all alone at the last but at least it seems he was completely unaware, way to go, I suppose

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  14. James McEwan Feb 15, 2020 / 16:09

    Poor Old Bert last night he banged his head,
    Without his whisky he went to bed
    and in the morning poor Old Bert,
    Well he woke up dead.

    Sad, but still comical in its tone.

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  15. Fatima Fakier Feb 16, 2020 / 16:10

    Hopefully, he has relatives who will notice he hasn’t woken up that morning. I would not want it to be the neighbours reporting a foul smell from next door.

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  16. trishsplace Feb 18, 2020 / 01:02

    I just read a very cute story about an Albert in Mindfood. 92 yo man in nursing home. Middle of the night. Watching an old, bare limbed tree in the yard. Remembering when he was 12 and climbing trees with a neighbour. How she used to urge him on to climb higher and higher. Makes his way out to the tree, without nursing staff noticing him. Settling on a bench, hands on his chest, passing away peacefully. Bert. 🙂

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