Total nonsense…

for Sunday Photo Fiction




‘Ello  ‘oward, ‘ow are you?

A bit cross Bert, my motor car suffered some serious damage this morning.

‘Ow so  ‘oward, what  ‘appened?

I got a punctured tyre.

You can  ‘ave that repaired can’t ya’?

Not just the tyre Bert, the wheel is buckled.

‘Oh ‘eck, that’s  ‘orrible.

And it’s facing the wrong way.

You  ‘aint  ‘avin’ a good day are ya’?

I’ve had better Bert.

So  ‘ow did it  ‘appen  ‘oward?

The road is littered with holes and I hit a deep one hence the damage.

What road, ‘amble  ‘ill off the  ‘igh street?

Yes, that’s the one. There should be a warning sign.

There is  ‘oward, I wrote one myself and stuck it by the  ‘awthorn  ‘edge.

I saw a sign about owls in the road, but nothing about holes.

Oh  ‘eck, I must have spelt  ‘oles wrong! I feel a right twit!

Me  ‘twoo’ Bert!

At least you  ’aint damaged your sense of  ‘umour  ‘oward!

No, not me. Right, I’m off to the garage, they should have it fixed by now. 

‘Ope they  ‘ave  ‘oward, bye.

Bye Bert.






Thanks to Donna for hosting and to  Morguefile for the picture

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